Best Surface Pro 3 apps for savvy business travellers

Best Surface Pro 3 apps for savvy business travellers

Summary: These are the top Windows 8 apps we have found to help your business and leisure travel trips go smoothly.


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  • Regular business travellers that use the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 might want to add these apps to their tablet and make their travels more productive.

    Image: Microsoft

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  • Map It! Lite

    Map It! Lite aims to give you a one stop solution for your travel. It locates businesses and gives contact information in your location, with directions to the destination and alternative routing if necessary. It tracks traffic weather and adds tagged photos with overlays to the map.

    Street view gives you a visual aspect to your destination. There are other alternative views such as Earth, terrain, roadmap and satellite view which are all zoomable and draggable.

    You can add pushpins to the maps— and print them out for reference.

    Cost: Free - and there are no ads either.

    Image: Microsoft

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  • Why use apps on Surface Pro when you don't need to??

    Surface Pro can run all Windows software and go to all web sites. None of the users in our office (100+) would want to use an "app" that can do maybe only "5%" of what a normal software does on a Surface Pro. They do use apps, but only on their smartphones or tablets, which doesn't have a big screen, fast CPU, or both. Nearly all of them simply "hate" the Metro interface! They said it reminds them the old Windows 3.11....
    • What is an app?

      Aside from the user interface, where Windows Store apps (WinRT) are optimized for touch, and classic desktop apps (Win32) are optimized for mouse and keyboard, do you actually understand the difference? I can build all of the functionality of a Win32 app into a WinRT app. In the majority of instances, there's no need for multiple windows, which is why the fullscreen adaptation will work perfectly. WinRT apps are designed to be more immersive and more efficient for mobile devices.

      Some other advantages of WinRT apps include, enhanced security due to sandboxing and Windows Store curatorship. The ability to use the app with both touch and a mouse. A standardized approach to application design and interaction.

      While many developers are using WinRT as simple interfaces for cloud services, it doesn't mean that the capabilities of the platform is limited. There are several Line of Business (LOB) applications designed for offline usage.

      Also, the developer has the freedom to design the application as they choose, using HTML & CSS, or XAML or DirectX.
  • Lol, Valiglia

    "Valiglia" sounds like the name for a part of a lady's anatomy that you didn't realize even had a name until you read about it in an issue of Cosmopolitan you picked up at the doctor's office.
  • How many map apps are necessary?

    After looking at all these nicely collected apps I cannot help thinking that there are just 2 patterns. First, license something useful and try to monetize it, like providing maps. Second, create a web site and monetize it providing access through an app. That is, it is a middle man fiesta. Microsoft also attempts to be a middle man next to itself adding ads to apps that come with Windows 8. Surface is a nice device, but I hope all that will FAIL.
  • Great Article

    Eileen, great article. Don't worry for the comments of some idiots here. They were abuse when they were a child. Anyway, most of these apps are free. gak@ can't read, so he talks about middle man and monetizing. dsf3g is still 13 years old, no class. sf_168 doesn't get it. Apps is light program that just do simple thing. Who needs a tank to kill an ant?