Best Thunderbolt professional hardware (February 2013 edition)

Best Thunderbolt professional hardware (February 2013 edition)

Summary: While USB is good enough for the regular user, high-end power users will benefit greatly from the performance and flexibility offered by the Thunderbolt. Here are eight of the best Thunderbolt devices available.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

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  • Apple 27-inch Thunderbolt display

    One of the nicest displays on the market is Apple's 27-inch Thunderbolt display. But this is so much more than just a display. Not only does it feature a high-resolution 2560-by-1440 LED-backlit display, it also incorporates a FaceTime HD camera, high-quality audio, three USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire 800 port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a spare Thunderbolt port for daisy-chaining additional devices.

    All this is driven over the single Thunderbolt cable to your Mac.

    There's also a MagSafe connector for keeping your MacBook charged up.

    Price: $999.

    (Credit: Apple)

  • Promise Pegasus J2 256GB SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution

    Want a Thunderbolt-based storage solution that is portable enough to carry around with you? Take a look at Promise Pegasus J2 256GB SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution.

    The 256GB model packs two 128GB solid state drives into an ultraportable packable not much bigger than an iPhone. This offers blazing fast storage that you can carry with you.

    The drive can either be powered via the Thunderbolt port or via a separate AC adapter. When drawing power from the Thunderbolt port, it can hit speeds of 110 MB/s for writes and 270 MB/s for reads. Hook it up to an external power source and this increases to 550 MB/s for writes, and an incredible 750 MB/s for reads.

    Price: $499.

    (Credit: Promise)

  • Promise SANLink Thunderbolt to 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel adapter

    Connecting a Thunderbolt-enabled desktop or notebook to a high-speed Fibre Channel has never been easier. The Promise SANLink Thunderbolt to 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel adapter works out of the box with absolutely no software required.

    The SANLink has two 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel ports offering up to 800MB/s of bandwidth. It also features two Thunderbolt ports connecting to more Thunderbolt enabled devices.

    Price: $799.

    (Credit: Promise)

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • Still waiting for the Thunderbolt Time capsule

    or Thunderbolt/wifi hybrid..
    • Time Machine

      The 1TB Thunderbolt drive can be used as a time machine drive and it prompts for that when first plugged in.
  • Drobo

    You missed the newest Drobo RAID drive boxes that are Thunderbolt equipped.
  • Areca ARC-8050

    You also missed Areca's ARC-8050 Thunderbolt external RAID storage box.
  • Sad!

    It's so sad Apple always out prices themselves and all the Applefans pay for it.
    Granted I have to still wait for Thunderbolt to catch on to PC's but, cost compared to Apple products is well worth the wait.