Beware broadband 'pinch points', says gov't expert

Beware broadband 'pinch points', says gov't expert

Summary: Greater broadband access will not necessarily mean better resilience or business continuity, according to Cabinet Office comms expert Nigel Brown


In the case of an event such as a flu pandemic, businesses should be aware of points in a communications system which could slow communications traffic, according to Cabinet Office lead for resilient telecommunications strategy Nigel Brown.

Topics: Broadband, Networking

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  • Nothing like stating the obvious.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Quangos. So its a bit like everyone wanting to climb Ben Nevis at the same time then - (which I'm just heading off to do), thanks for that. The lovely world of Resource Allocation! He obviously has to talk to politicians a lot that are technically illiterate.
  • Nigel Browns Interview shows that despite all of the investment in the internet, there will be a problem if everyone tries to use it at the same time. This will inevitably cost lives, every report that has been produced as a result of a disaster says the same thing, Communications was a problem. When that communications is between emergency services workers and commanders at all levels it becomes a risk to life. There is no QoS on the internet so traffic cant be prioritised. This is exactly why we at ARL Comms are determined to keep the bandwidth requirements of EARL our resilient, secure VoIP product that was designed for use in an emergency as low as possible. EARL will work over GPRS quite nicely. We are also working with people who are designing low bandwidth rapidly deployable networks. Resilience in a disaster, using existing systems and saving lives is what ARL Comms and EARL is all about.