Beyond Google Apps: The top 10 related cloud services

Beyond Google Apps: The top 10 related cloud services

Summary: Ready to make a deeper commitment to the cloud? Here's what other businesses are downloading most often on the Google Apps Marketplace.


If your company has made a commitment to using Google Apps, it may be able to drive more value out of that decision by adopting one of the many related applications featured in the Google Apps Marketplace.

If the sheer variety of choices overwhelm you, you could start by checking out the ones that have been installed most often by other businesses (a list that appears in the far righthand side of your browser screen). Most of them are for small or midsize organizations (although a couple appear to be meant more for large accounts).

For the purposes of shorthand, here is the top 10 list in descending order (as of the afternoon of March 28, 2013):

Mavenlink: A workforce and project management system that shows time sheets, budgets and costs related to ongoing projects, accounts receivable aging reeports and other information that will help with resource utilization and planning.

MailChimp: A newsletter service that can be integrated with a bunch of other popular small business cloud apps, including Rapportive, Batchbook CRM, Zendesk and Freshbooks. It also connects with e-commerce software including Shopify and Magento.

Insightly: A basic application for tracking customer interactions.

FlashPanel: Management and security capabilities, including the ability to manage passwords, control user access, manage email usage and consumption, or create (and delete) shared contacts.

Capsule CRM: A customer relationship management (CRM) tool that integrates with Google Apps, and with cloud accounting and financial management software including Freshbooks and Xero.

Gantter Project: An application for handling scheduling of complex projects, which integrates with Google Drive for sharing and collaboration. It can import files from Microsoft Project.

Zoho CRM: As with the other CRM tools mentioned, this service is for tracking leads and customer prospects. But it can also be used for customer support management and marketing automation.

Do by Salesforce: A projects and tasks manager; you can share items with people on your Google Contacts list. An app for producing graphical diagrams using predefined objects. (The pricing model changes on April 1, 2013, so it should be interesting to see if this software retains is popularity.)

Accounting tools by Wave: A small-business accounting system that includes invoicing and reporting features. 

What other Google Apps ecosystem software do you find useful? Leave us some ideas in the comment thread.

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    Average Joes will find everything they need there. Office, PowerPoint, Excel and a cloud/drive
    Simon Tupper
    • Agreed

      It's actually remarkably good, and one of the couple of saying graces in the Google App Store.
      I really want the chromebook to develop, but google integration no use in business really, but SkyDrive and the web apps make it workable.
    • Pretty impressed with SkyDrive

      It used to be pretty annoying in its first incarnation, but the current version works remarkably well, and the integration of the web Office apps is a nice bonus. Also their Windows, Mac and iPad applications make it easy to keep all my machines in sync.
    • I don't like Skydrive

      It isn't as easy to use as some of the others, like Google, but that isn't the main reason that I don't like it. Microsoft has a history of banning accounts with no warning if they think there is something they deem inappropriate or sometimes for no given reason at all. When they do this, you lose access to all of your data, your outlook email, and anything else that is stored in the MS account. This is not cool, and it is documented a lot of places online.
      • Google is good at that themselves

        Google also has a history of banning accounts with no warning if they think there is something they deem inappropriate or sometimes for no given reason at all.

        And you lose access to all of your data, your email, and anything else that is stored in the Google account. This is also not cool, and it is documented a lot of places online, too.
        William Farrel
  • Lucidchart is pretty good

    We just started using it at my work. It's fairly basic - dedicated applications exist for each type of charting which have more features. Still, fewer features means less temptation to spend hours making a chart rather than doing real work. What it does have is good integration (Apps, JIRA, Confluence) and simultaneous group editing.
  • Keep them coming!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will use them to figure out where to devote future coverage.
    Heather Clancy
  • All with one purpose

    Google sells advertising!!! All the rest is just spyware to augment their databases of profiles of people. Who would trust that much information to one company? There is nobody who knows more about more people than Google. Identity theft will run rampant.
  • BIME Analytics

    I'd also like to mention, our solution, BIME, another great tool from the Google Marketplace which is very lightweight and compliments your existing data tools. BIME is a SaaS BI tool that connects directly to Google Apps, Google BigQuery & Google Analytics as well as a large range of other online and on-premise solutions. Query all your data side by side and then visualize the results, all in the cloud!
  • Might I suggest Nimble be included in this list the next time around

    Great list and great apps! I'd like to suggest that Nimble SCRM might be a consideration next time. Nimble thrives in the Google environment including Google Apps!

    Craig M. Jamieson
  • These services can be integrated together

    These are good picks and they are also some of the most popular apps in the GetApp marketplace.

    To make these services even more powerful they can be integrated together to synchronize data and automate tasks with Google Apps. If you search for "CloudWork" in the Google Apps Marketplace, you will find which integrations are available (or directly from the CloudWork website).
    Christophe @...