Big iPhone event Sept. 10 with small expectations

Big iPhone event Sept. 10 with small expectations

Summary: Apple worrywarts are not hard to find as the company preps its next iPhone launch. Some analysts bet that smartphone buyers are more interested in the iPhone launch more than a year from now.


Apple will reportedly hold its iPhone event Sept. 10 and the rollout of the company's iconic smartphone can't come soon enough.

According to AllThingsD, Apple will hold its iPhone launch Sept. 10. Apple watchers largely expect the company to launch a lower cost iPhone targeted at emerging markets as well as an iPhone 5S.


The launch comes at an interesting time for Apple, which hasn't launched much in 2013 beyond iOS 7, which was previewed in June. Board members are reportedly pushing for more innovation. Android is on the march. Apple has had hit-or-miss quarters---keep in mind that a so-so quarter for Apple is ridiculously profitable---and everyone is waiting for iTV or some smart watch or reinvention. There are worries about Apple's iPhone screen size and iPad volume too. It's also unclear if Apple has the ecosystem stickiness outside the U.S. and in emerging markets like China.

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In a research note Jefferies analyst Peter Misek noted expectations for the latest iPhone are low. Why? There's smartphone fatigue setting in. He said:

Trend of elongating replacement cycles unlikely to be stopped by the iPhone 5S. With smartphones 50% of Q1 global handset shipments and 60% of U.S. subscribers currently owning a smartphone, we believe growth is shifting to the low-end and to emerging markets while high-end smartphone replacement rates are elongating. A compelling offering could interrupt that trend, but we do not believe the iPhone 5S is that phone as it has little to differentiate itself from the 5 or other high-end smartphones. We believe people are likely to skip the 5S and wait for the 6 with its larger screen.


Misek is expecting Apple to sell 30 million iPhones in the September quarter, 45 million in the December quarter and 29.3 in the March quarter.

Data from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster indicates that the value of the iPhone 5 is holding up well on the secondary market. The upshot: Existing iPhone owners aren't necessarily waiting for the latest device from Apple.


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  • Far behind

    Apple is far behind with the iPhone. NFC, 1080p screens, wireless charging, 41 Megapixel camera and much more are what the competition already offers.
    • Behind

      I never got NFC to work conveniently on my Lumia 920, Galaxy S4, ASUS VivoTab RT, or my gf's Lumia 820. 400+ppi screens are neat, but I have yet to see a difference between the S4 and the 720p Lumia 920. Wireless charging adds too much bulk to the 920.

      But that 1020 camera is sweet.

      To me the iPhone lost simply because of the static icons.

      What I want to say is while to everyone there are some unnecessary features in the non-iPhones, there are very very few people for whom the iPhone is the best choice.
      • Pimping the blinky tiles does nothing for me

        Other phones, including the iPhone, have notification systems that accomplish the same thing.
        • Clunky Notfications doesnt make it better than live tiles

          flashy live tiles can turn off, notification is harder,
          live tiles give you glance & go
          notification doesn't do that. so please all this ordinary notification is no better idea. so please shut up you don't know what you are talking about
          • Nobody cares about "live tiles"

            Windows phone is a minor, distant third place ecosystem whose adherents always troll iPhone articles as though it were the iPhone's main rival.

            It isn't. Android phones are.
          • Millions think otherwise

            The arrogance from Android will be its downfall. It is getting too big for its own good. The innovation will start to stifle. And honestly speaking, it is the OEMs that are innovating, not Android per se. The innovation is all in the hardware not the software.

            Having said that, Android has definitely 'enabled' the hardware to work. The OS, in simplest terms, allows hardware to work for the user. In this department WP is behind but not too far. 1080p displays is the only thing lacking and that should come early next year.

            Notification Centre is desirable, but Live Tiles accomplishes that task. I personally haven't needed a Notification Centre as properly coded Live Tiles does the job.
          • You should realize...

            The very purpose of Android is to allow the OEMs to innovate.

            Android is only a foundation - vendors can extend it any way they want. Unlike Windows, which is so restrictive that MS is the only one allowed. Any vendor can put up their own store if they want, put ANY UI on it they find useful...
          • Re: The arrogance from Android will be its downfall

            Android isn't a person. It's not capable of being arrogant or humble. It's a platform and an ecosystem. Players in that ecosystem can be arrogant or humble; they can stand or fall, win or lose. But because it's such a feverishly competitive ecosystem, no sooner than one player stumbles that another one immediately grabs the ball and heads it off to another corner of the field. The complacent players soon find themselves out of the game. And this includes Google no less than the others: no one player controls the platform.

            Compare IOS and Windows Phone: if you want to call them ecosystems, they are ecosystems of just one player each. If that player dies, the platform dies.

            This is why Android will still be around after those two are gone.
          • I remember how Android was 8 months after its introduction

            It wasn't even doing as well as WP is now. Just because Android is tops now doesn't mean it will stay there.
          • Apple can't compete with Android Spy functionality

            By far and away, the best features to come to smartphone platforms are the numerous spy applications that can be loaded. No more waiting for people to upload pictures to Facebook, or reading through long Facebook statuses to figure out what's going on in your son or daughter's life.

            If your a concerned parent, and Facebook simply isn't giving you what you need anymore, just do a search for "MSpy" for Android, and get your Very Important Person an upgraded phone with the software. You'll soon have access to all communications. It's so good, I no longer need Facebook.
          • Apple can't even compete with the Microsoft

            Spy system. Microsoft records the location, any nearby WiFi hotspots, GPS data (if available), texts, and phone calls, unencrypted, for an undisclosed amount of time.
            Troll Hunter J
          • What do you mean, "... notification is harder..."

            I get the tone that I have a notification, and it's "glance and go". I don't even have to unlock my phone to read it. I do NOT have either Android or Windows on my phone, it's iOS and running on 6, not 7.
          • Widgets & live Tiles beat notifications & "live" icons.

            So what about if you want to glance at the live weather conditions?
            The IOS weather icon can't do that.
            Do want to be interrupted with a notification every time the weather changes?
            For many things widgets that the user can arrange on his
            workspace simply work better than notifications for being able
            to glance at frequently updated information.
            Even Microsoft has implemented a kind of widget type thing with their
            live tiles.
      • You're wrong

        Very very few people are those with 31.2 million iPhones sold in June quarter,for sure.
        Maria Davidenko
        • You're missing the bigger picture.

          Yes, Apple is doing well, but it's doing *less* well, not more well. Worse, Apple's gone from being the company that essentially took over "and redefined" smartphones, to being a "one of" and not even the leader of the pack anymore - that's Samsung.

          Apple's stock dropped from just over $700 to mid-$400s.

          And now the press is writing 'can Apple survive?' articles.

          None of these make the board or directors or the stockholders feel happy - and in business, for publically traded companies, those people are the only ones who matter.
          • Please

            Samsung doesn't lead anything except in sales, and that's because of their marketing budget, not because their phones are anything special. People complain that Apple doesn't innovate. Samsung makes a larger screen and people fawn over them and their innovation. It's ridiculous. Samsung will not be the sales leader for long, either. They're in a good spot, no doubt, but they don't do anything that other companies are doing, and the other companies are even better at it.
          • Samsung provides what people want

            And that is the reason for their success. They are quick to build products and have them on the market. It helps that a majority of the components are built in-house. But give credit where its due. Sammy have taken the world by storm and there is a reason, not plain dumb luck, as much as you want to believe that.

            And, I am a fan of Nokia. I have a Lumia 920 and I can see where Nokia is heading. They are not following Apple, but Samsung. Flood the market with devices for every size, shape and price. The more people have your devices the more brand recognition you will get.
          • ... As long as it's cheap

            Not one Samsung smartphone keeps its original retail price longer than about 3 months. Even now the Galaxy S4 is selling at 2fer pricing at about 1/3rd the retail price of the equivalent iPhone per unit. THAT is the only reason Samsung sells more.
          • I would still take my Samsung

            The Galaxy S4 may be discounted now but I would still take it over an iPhone 5 even if they were the same price still. The screen is much nicer, it's innovation factor is well past Apple's and it has features like a removable battery and expandable memory, features that Apple will NEVER include. So all you Apple fans can spend your hard-earned money on your status symbols. I'll stick to what is more functional.
          • Functional?

            Maybe you should read this article: