Bing doesn't like Google all that much, either

Bing doesn't like Google all that much, either

Summary: Google's search suggestions for Windows 8 are like a treasure map for haters. But guess what Bing users see when they begin typing Google-related searches?

TOPICS: Google, Microsoft

My colleague Larry Dignan served up an amusing post this morning, highlighting the caustic autocomplete suggestions that Google offers when Google users search for terms that begin with “Windows 8.” (Seriously, read it—it’s hilarious.)

Of course, two can play that game.

Here are the suggestions that were offered a few moments ago for some searches I made on Microsoft’s Bing search engine involving Google and its flagship products:


What I found most interesting about those Google results was that virtually all of the suggested searches consisted of ways to validate a preexisting opinion about Windows 8. Now that the operating system has been released, you can expect the bulk of searches to change to people looking for troubleshooting help.

Updated to add: I don't think any of these searches on either side are "rigged." People go to search engines to find help when they are having problems or to find support when they are trying to defend an argument. Google's products have been out for a while. Windows 8 is new. The results are perfectly understandable.

And amusing. Which does not make them indicative of any greater truth.

Topics: Google, Microsoft

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  • "Google Israel"

    Ooo, that's a nasty one... ?
    • """that's a nasty one"""

      google, israel, mossad, google is right hand of mossad, eMossad.
    • google's own offerings ....

      typing google is into the google search delivered google israel as the second offering! - clearly ascribing any intent on this to either Bing or Google is simply crap
  • M$ dirty tricks!

    but who cares about bing anyway?
    LlNUX Geek
    • ...

      but who cares about linux anyway? And who cares about linux zealot opinion?...
      • Re: but who cares about linux anyway?

        Linux: shipping 1.3 million copies a day and still growing.

        Windows: shipping 1 million copies a day and flat or declining.
        • Nice try

          but next time try harder and don't confuse buggy, unsecured mobile spyware (android) with real OS, linux on pc is irrelevant

        • Funny

          I find it amusing that Android is included as Linux when it comes to sales and distribution but is not included when it comes to discussions of malware. Why is that? IS Android Linux or not?
          • Android

            is a Linux-based operating system.

          • Indeed it is

            However most die hard Linux zealots will claim Android as a Linux derivitive when discussin sales and market share but deny it being a Linux derivitive when discussing malware. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of that particular stance.
          • @athynz Re: Discussions of malware

            Charlie Osborne has an article on that subject;

            Malware hijacks your email, sends death threats
    • ...

      that means you are already afraid of bing could overtake your overlord's search engine. Nice try. :D
      Ram U
    • Really?

      Do a bing search using "Windows will" and "Windows is" and you'll see that it is not some sort of dirty trick by Microsoft... but you aren't smart enough to do that so get back to your frier!
    • True, but

      if you're searching for images, Bing is better than Google
      For non technical searches it's as good as Google.
      For java programming searches, Google is better
      For maps, I've seen times where Bing is better and I've had times where Google is better. For the most part, they're about the same.

      I mostly use Google, but the difference between the 2 small so long as you're not searching technical IT topics (perhaps most technical science topics).

      I almost always use Bing for travel and go back and forth on maps.
  • Right on Microsoft

    This should serve google for their nasty behavior with their suggestions for Windows 8. Microsoft should do it for ChromeOS by extending it as "ChromeOS stinks." And they should ad Google a pirateship and stole ideas from Apple and Microsoft without shame. :D
    Ram U
  • So we've established these companies are children


    Maybe they should spend more time working on innovating.
    • All work and no play...

      ...makes these companies boring. What would we have to talk about or complain about if they did what you said, and why would you call it innovation?
    • The companies? How about the users?

      What are you talking about? Do you think Microsoft and Google employees decide what appears in search suggestions? It's all done based on how many times something is searched for by the users.

      It's an algorithm.
      • close but

        it's really what people search on and then what pages link(s) they click on once they do the search. I think Google may have a way to rate a link (or is that bing?) I never do it (rarely log into either service)
  • Bing doesn't like Google all that much, either

    Microsoft Bing is still more accurate than Google and that is great! Can't beat that. I'm going to spend the rest of the day typing in Google related words into Bing.
    Loverock Davidson-