Bizarre adverts gone viral: gallery

Bizarre adverts gone viral: gallery

Summary: After release on social media, some odd advertising stunts manage to attract worldwide fame.


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  • We eat them, clone them, and shave them -- but can sheep surf?

    A video created by Finisterre, an ethical clothing company based in Cornwall, UK, shows a 'world first' -- teaching a sheep how to surf. The commercial has been seen by over half a million viewers, and was designed to promote the firm's growing sheep herd. 

    The more products consumers buy, the larger the herd can grow. So how better to promote the wooly face of the firm?

    In the words of Finisterre, "we love you Mildred". 

  • Smoothies, iced coffee or vegetables -- the uses of a blender are endless. But there aren't many who would place a beloved gadget into one just for the sake of it.

    Tom Dickson, CEO of Blendtec, found that even though he had a powerful product to sell, his marketing was found wanting. With With a $50 budget and camera in hand, video producer Kels Goodman captured the first five videos of CEO Tom Dickson blending the "unexpected". 

    Overnight, videos of Dickson blending items from iPads to glow sticks became an online marketing hit. To date, the blended iPad has reached over 14 million views.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Surfing board for dummy

    If a sheep can do it, you can do it.
  • Oh yeah..

    "Where's the Beef"