Bizarre adverts gone viral: gallery

Bizarre adverts gone viral: gallery

Summary: After release on social media, some odd advertising stunts manage to attract worldwide fame.


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  • Complete with a list of odd search terms including "BBC Top Gear" and "Tractor", this commercial uploaded to YouTube is an interesting take on the Star Wars character Darth Vadar.

    The Carjam car radio show -- broadcast in Carlow, Kilkenny -- is the producer.

  • "Who needs a movie? Getting Married? Got a web site? Fund raising? Commercials? Selling something? Movies can make your life go better!!"

    Fred and Sharon's movies. It's difficult to work out if the movies are meant to be slightly creepy on purpose as a marketing ploy -- but you can make up your own mind by checking out another of Fred and Sharon's creations below.


  • What first appeared as a hilarious home video of an old lady woken up by a car resulting in the driver's airbag deploying turned out to be released by furniture maker IKEA.

    How this promotes home furniture remains anyone's guess, but according to commentary, the idea came from combining odd combinations of materials to form household goods.

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