Bizarre adverts gone viral: gallery

Bizarre adverts gone viral: gallery

Summary: After release on social media, some odd advertising stunts manage to attract worldwide fame.


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  • In a clever prank video released by an energy drink distributor in Rochester, NY, after his mother became increasingly frustrated with the amount of stock living in the cellar, he took matters further to force an overload.

    While his parents were on vacation, he covered every surface with the product -- but couldn't have imagined the results, or the huge boost to promotion based on the YouTube video.

  • In a video promoting Nike shoes,  break beat music from duo HIFANA (composed of KEIZOmachine and JUICY)  set up and hooked up mixers and sound systems to Nike Free Run+ shoes.

    Of course,  the actual Nike Free Run+ shoes can't produce music when bent, but the sounds are cool all the same.

  • A YouTube video depicting a single mother searching for the father of her child -- after meeting and spending a night together while the man was on vacation -- caused such a media storm after being seen by millions that te original video was pulled.

    The woman, Karen, says:

    "I'm doing this because I'm trying to find August's father. I don’t remember where you're from, I don't even remember your name. We ended up having sex .. the next morning when I woke up, you were gone."

    In fact, it was a hoax created by the Danish government’s tourism agency, VisitDenmark.

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