Black Friday: The best tech you can buy without breaking the bank

Black Friday: The best tech you can buy without breaking the bank

Summary: Buying tech on a budget? These 16 gadgets are the very best on the market for their price — from speakers to content streamers, coffee machines, and computer peripherals.


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  • Shenanigans

    I call Shenanigans on the HTC One. It's not $99. It's $99 plus something like two years of $20.00 monthly payments. Heck, I can go down to Best Buy, put a $899 64Gb iPad 3 on my card, then make 18 months of $50.00 payments and pay it off interest free.

    Doesn't mean I got the iPad for free. It just means I paid it off over 18 months.
  • Very best?

    No roku...

    The mophie powerpack and keyboard folio for iDevices are clumsy compromises. I don't get why those are "best" of anything. What is the point of a device being slim, stylish and lightweight if it needs bulky, heavy clumsy solutions like that?
  • Keyboard

    sorry, having used the Logitech, it isn't that good. For a start it is a membrane based keyboard.

    I just bought a Razer BlackWidow keyboard, with Cherry Red MX keys, now THAT is a keyboard.
  • Why not....?

    Ask us for our input for the best tech you can buy without breaking the bank?
    Then re-report the findings.
    • Good Idea

      Guarantee it wouldn't be "sponsored" then.
      Not that this is, of course...............
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