Black Friday: The best tech you can buy without breaking the bank

Black Friday: The best tech you can buy without breaking the bank

Summary: Buying tech on a budget? These 16 gadgets are the very best on the market for their price — from speakers to content streamers, coffee machines, and computer peripherals.


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  • Pebble Watch

    For your first foray into the smart watch scene, look no further than the Pebble Watch.

    Smart watches have been growing in popularity (even though they are still in their infancy) over the past year. With the Apple Watch landing in early-2015, expect to see even more hype around this relatively new space. The Pebble Watch is an entry-level watch at a low price. You may want to wait out for the Apple Watch, but with months before its release getting into the smart watch spirit is easy with this app-laden wearable. 

    The watch works on both Android and iOS devices, and comes with its own app store.

    Price: about $99.99
    CNET Review: Pebble Watch

    Image: CNET

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6

    At $99, you're not going to get a better, more durable tablet for the battery life and display resolution. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 6 is one of the best tablets on the market in its own right — but especially for families. 

    Packed with features and strong technology, the display resolution alone is dazzling, and the battery will last most of the day, thanks to its SmartSuspend power saver. For travelers, the Fire HD 6 will easily last a transatlantic flight, and will keep the kids entertained. It's light, easy to use, and connects with your Amazon cloud-stored content. And, it comes with the latest Fire OS updates which include multiple user profiles and Amazon's own app store.

    Price: from $79.00
    CNET Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6

    Image: CNET

  • Sony MDR-V6 headphones

    If you're looking for a tried and tested pair of headphones that won't break the bank, Sony's thirty-year-old over-the-ear headphones may be your match.

    Sister-site CNET said you won't get a better pair of headphones for less than $100. The audio quality is balanced and crisp, and remain a favorite for those who work in the audio industry. Their design has barely changed in their three decade history. This pair is comfortable when wearing them for long periods. The cord also comes with an in-line microphone for phone calls.

    Price: from $84.95
    CNET Review: Sony MDR-V6 headphones

    Image: CNET

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  • Shenanigans

    I call Shenanigans on the HTC One. It's not $99. It's $99 plus something like two years of $20.00 monthly payments. Heck, I can go down to Best Buy, put a $899 64Gb iPad 3 on my card, then make 18 months of $50.00 payments and pay it off interest free.

    Doesn't mean I got the iPad for free. It just means I paid it off over 18 months.
  • Very best?

    No roku...

    The mophie powerpack and keyboard folio for iDevices are clumsy compromises. I don't get why those are "best" of anything. What is the point of a device being slim, stylish and lightweight if it needs bulky, heavy clumsy solutions like that?
  • Keyboard

    sorry, having used the Logitech, it isn't that good. For a start it is a membrane based keyboard.

    I just bought a Razer BlackWidow keyboard, with Cherry Red MX keys, now THAT is a keyboard.
  • Why not....?

    Ask us for our input for the best tech you can buy without breaking the bank?
    Then re-report the findings.
    • Good Idea

      Guarantee it wouldn't be "sponsored" then.
      Not that this is, of course...............