BlackBerry 10.2 update enhances the Z10 and Q10 (gallery)

BlackBerry 10.2 update enhances the Z10 and Q10 (gallery)

Summary: BlackBerry is rolling out another update for BB 10 device owners and all will likely find beneficial functions and features in 10.2.


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  • Priority Hub enhances your communications experience

    In May, BlackBerry rolled out the BB 10.1 update for the Z10, launched on the Q10, and this week are rolling out the 10.2 update that launches on the new BlackBerry Z30.

    The 10.2 update is detailed in full over on I followed their tutorial to easily update the Z10 and Q10 without waiting for carrier approvals. The 10.2 update improves functionality and adds many nice features that I would have loved to have seen at the BlackBerry 10 launch.

    Some of my favorite new updates and functions appearing in the BlackBerry 10.2 update include:

    • Lock screen notification previews: You can now tap on the left icon to see a preview of the first several messages, Tweets, notifications right on the lock screen. You cannot jump right to that notification though, but the preview function is handy.

    • Priority Hub: This filter is applied to BlackBerry Hub based on three factors that you can toggle on and off. It is a nice way to quickly filter through your busy communications portal.

    • Instant preview and reply: Like we saw in WebOS, notifications appear for a couple seconds at the top of your screen and then go away. For text messages and BBM you can tap on them, reply, and then go right back to what you were doing on the display.

    • Multiple alarms: I always thought it was my error in using BB10 with alarms and couldn't fathom that they limited you to a single alarm. That was the case though and now that is fixed with this update.

    • New copy/paste buttons: Since I use so many different mobile operating systems, I often confuse the copy/paste icons. These are much improved in the 10.2 update and I appreciate that.

    There are many more functions and features in the BB 10.2 update so definitely check out for all the details. I showed a few functions in my video below.

    The USB host function does not work on the Z10 due to hardware limitations, but it does work on the Z30 and Q10. I couldn't get the reply now function to work on the Z10 or Q10. This lets you send a text reply when you ignore a call, like what you see on Android and iOS.

    We are also seeing more applications coming to BB10, including Flipboard on the Z10.

    BlackBerry 10 is a user-friendly OS and if communications are your key smartphone function then it is a compelling OS to consider. I could likely make it my daily driver with the web browser filling in for apps that I use that are missing (USAA bank, ESPN Fantasy Football, Gmail). Then again, I love my HTC One and don't see any reason to give up apps even though the BB10 experience is enjoyable.

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  • BB is Still Done

    As a former user of the Z10 back in January, I really lost trust in BB after 5 loyal years. But now I'm on IOS and Android rightnow along with a wifi wp8 lumia 928. So finally I lost interest in BB and on to better ecosystems and more useful apps for both my business and personal needs. They will join palm,hp web os, and windows mobile-not windows phone, as Smartphone os failures. I used them all when they came out, but they were good for their time though but preferably BB .
    • @retrofan116

      So before you get to try the new OS properly you left them and now you are comparing their new devices and OS to other platforms which have been out there for quite a while?!
      BB10 is a strong platform and it keeps getting better and better by each update.
      Macy John
    • Failures?

      Just because something doesn't continue forever doesn't mean it failed. Palm and Windows Mobile were successful for years. They didn't make the transition and have now stopped being made. Hardly a failure when you rake in cash for years.
  • Good Update

    I'm liking the new features of the 10.2 update. Definitely way better than 10.1.
    Michael Bernardo
  • Excellent Update... right direction.

    Good review, and agreed the OS is becoming much more mature quickly. iOS didn't even launch with copy & paste. The initial launch of BB10 had a horrible copy/paste, but now it is great in 10.2. WhatsApp messages can also be replied to directly from the new notifications bar, not only SMS messages or BBM. And why does one need a standalone Gmail App if it integrates nicely into a unified Mailbox ? I found that silly when I had an Android phone, that all mails except Gmail were unified, but Gmail had a separate app.
    I'm one of those who value communications and social much more than apps, though I'd like to see better app support if the can sell phones. But the Z30 is awesome and loving it.
  • BOS 10.2

    I'll get it as soon as AT&T makes it available.
  • Yea...all 6 of them.

    "BlackBerry is rolling out another update for BB 10 device owners and all will likely find beneficial functions and features in 10.2."
    • LOL

      LOL I know there's not a lot of us blackberry users left that's why I'm so happy they still rolled out a free update. :) Some of the new features I like include the priority hub, instant previews, personalized next word suggestion and auto-correct, improved copy and paste, and the return of the dark theme. Thanks BB!
    • does your phone have

      Lock screen notification previews, Priority Hub, and Instant preview and reply?