BlackBerry 10 hands on: Virtual keyboard and radical new UI

BlackBerry 10 hands on: Virtual keyboard and radical new UI

Summary: RIM's dramatically overhauled BlackBerry OS is betting on a new virtual keyboard with nifty word recognition to help it make a splash when it arrives later this year. But does it deliver on its promise?


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  • BlackBerry 10 right-side bar

    Persistence is key

    One of the other major changes in BlackBerry 10 is the removal of any kind of messaging icons. (You may have wondered why the persistent bar at the bottom of the home screen does not have links to messaging features and email.)

    Instead, RIM has made emailing and messaging persistently accessible in a notifications display (pictured) to the right of the home screen, so as not to distract the user from what they were already doing. This side bar also displays social-networking updates from sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    Bhardwaj said developers will be able to put alerts in the notifications bar through use of an API.

    Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

  • BlackBerry 10 nesting 1

    Selecting any of the notification icons will take you to the relevant app. BlackBerry 10 nests opened messages — as in the email example pictured — to allow people to see the message without leaving the inbox.

    Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

  • BlackBerry 10 nesting 2

    Likewise, selecting an attachment from an email will open the attachment in the same nested manner, so that the message and the email inbox are still close to hand.

    Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

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  • The virtual keyboard and radical new UI are not the important facets here - it's the new development tools that will empower developers to rapidly release quality applications. Everything seems hardware accelerated and buttery smooth. Here is an example: