BlackBerry 10 launch: By the numbers

BlackBerry 10 launch: By the numbers

Summary: BlackBerry, previously known as Research In Motion (RIM), launched the new BlackBerry 10 platform this morning. Here are the numbers you need to know.

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New York: BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins took to the stage at the BlackBerry 10 launch this morning to announce the company's new smartphone platform.

One of the key features to the new BlackBerry 10 platform is the range of applications that are available for the two debut devices, the Z10 and the Q10, a touchscreen and hardware keyboard-enabled device, respectively.

According to BlackBerry vice president of global alliances and business development Martyn Mallick, the BlackBerry World is now "the one-stop shop for BlackBerry apps, game, music, and video."

Here are the numbers you need to know:

  • Six cities where BlackBerry 10 launched, including London, Dubai, Paris, and Toronto, Canada, near where BlackBerry is based

  • Two portahons, which helped port 15,000 and 19,000 apps to the new platform at each event. "We have put together the largest catalogue of apps for a first-generation mobile platform," according to BlackBerry developer relations chief Alec Saunders

  • 650 carriers around the world are working with BlackBerry to bring the next-generation platform to the market

  • One brand, after the company changed its name from Research In Motion (RIM) to simply "BlackBerry"

  • Two personalities, as BlackBerry Balance allows users to switch between "work" mode and "personal" mode; particularly useful for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) customers

  • 70,000 applications available on BlackBerry 10, including Skype, SAP, and the usual social apps from Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare

  • 1,000 top applications from around the world are "committed" to BlackBerry 10

  • Three-year contract to buy the touch-only BlackBerry Z10 for $149 in Canada

  • 1,600 enterprises signed up for the BlackBerry 10 Readiness Program in the US.

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  • OK, now let's see if anyone cares any more.

    I've seen so many Crackberry addicts adopt the iPhone, and even Android devices, that it makes me wonder how serious those 2nd Amendment nutjobs are about that "out of my cold, dead hands" crap. And the more than a few CIO/CTOs have realized that expensive BES budget item isn't so "indispensable" after all.

    Maybe RIM can wedge itself back into carriers' showrooms as it's an iPhone alternative with some history and name-recognition. But let's not kid ourselves, anyone expecting more than 10% share for BB going forward is deluding themselves. And that's in the handset market. RIM executives are still reflexively sphincter-clenching when they hear the word "PlayBook."
    • Just Rolf on the "playbook" humor...

      My thing is, what's new? It's a niche product the way Apple was in the '90s. The difference is I don't think the brand loyalty of Blackberry is anywhere near Apple even at their worst. What might work for Blackberry is to go after the low-end smartphone market with the quality Android can't offer. I wish they would just partner with Apple, but how would that work really? They make the best keyboard phones ever, but a very small group care about that anymore. Oh we'll, good luck Canada.
  • I can't wait

    I'm NOT a buisness CEO or own my own buisness. Aside form being an actor. I am my own buisness. I'm a personal assistant. It helps me pay my tuition. I attend a conservatory for film and tv in manhattan. Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy for LOVING blackberry and staying true to it. I have a BB Playbook and I do everything in that thing. I use a blackberry curve. I'm really looking forward to the Q10 because I've never used iPhone. I've had Android phones but only the phones that have a qwerty keyboard. I just couldn't take it anymore and went back to blackberry because in all honesty. The only apps I need come pew installed in blackberry anyway. I'm not a big app person. I love what's app! Because I have tons of friends that live over seas and that's an exceptional way to keep in touch with them. The email feature on blackberry is important to me. Also, with the new BB10 software I'm looking forward BlackBerry Balance. Which allows users to seamlessly separate their buisness emails from private emails. BRILLIANT. As a personal assistant I'm constantly on my BB curve sending emails and typing away. So I need and love the traditional BB keyboard that we all love. Nothing compares to me. I already registered for notifications when the Q10 will be available. And I really do hope that BlackBerry Becomes choice again. They deserve it. I'm also impressed with the lower end version of the Q10 coming out the Q5 I think that it is a wonderful replacement for the Blackberry curve series and I think it will be a hit for the younger BlackBerry users out there.