BlackBerry 10 'port-a-thon' adds 15,000 submissions to App World

BlackBerry 10 'port-a-thon' adds 15,000 submissions to App World

Summary: The number of apps on the BlackBerry 10 App World store has risen by 15,000 following a community 'port-a-thon' to make sure developers' software worked with the new platform.


The number of apps submitted to the BlackBerry 10 App World store grew by 15,000 over the weekend, following an online community 'port-a-thon' designed to encourage developers to make their apps compatible with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform.

The event, which overran slightly, began on Friday and was scheduled to run for 36 hours.

"Well there you have it. 37.5 hours in, we hit 15,000 apps for this port-a-thon. Feel like I've run a marathon. Thanks to all the devs," Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations for Research In Motion (RIM), wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

RIM is keen to entice developers to build for its new platform as it knows a healthy app ecosystem will be crucial to the success of the new handsets and OS.

To provide an extra incentive, developers who took part in the 'porting party' could earn, or win, a range of rewards. For example, RIM was paying $100 per eligible app that developers had approved (up to a maximum of 20).

The more apps developers submitted and had approved, the better the incentives became, with some winning trips to RIM's BlackBerry Jam Europe developer event being held in Amsterdam in February.

In December, RIM's BlackBerry 10 software development kit (SDK) went gold, marking its move into the final build, including tools and APIs for developing for the platform.

The launch of BlackBerry 10 is scheduled for 30 January, at which point the world will get its first official glimpse of the new BlackBerry handsets.

NB. This article was amended at 13.13 GMT. The number of apps submitted during the port-a-thon was 15,000, as opposed to the port-a-thon taking the total number of apps to 15,000.

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  • 15,000 apps

    RIM has done a very good job of making sure the BB10 ecosystem is pretty full on launch. To have 70,000+ apps on day one is surprising. That's more than Microsoft has months after launch.

    I definitely plan on checking out BB10 phones - my contract is up this month anyway.
    • How many of those 70,000 apps are you plannig to purchase?

      And how many of those apps that you plan to get, are not available in the MS ecosystem?

      Also, how many of the 70,000 apps for BB10 are not available for the MS ecosystem?

      Chances are that, besides the stupid games and the fart apps, most of what is useful in one ecosystem, is also available in the other ecosystem.
      • Re: How many of those 70,000 apps are you plannig to purchase?

        Funny how Microsoft is always going on about the numbers of apps available for its platforms...
  • Users Attract Developers To A Platform, Not The Other Way Round

    The success of Android over IOS proves that having the edge in apps is not a big factor in user acceptance of a platform. Instead, the devices must themselves be attractive to users out of the box, and then, if sufficient people buy them, the developers will be forced to follow, like it or not (cf all the spurious moaning over "Android fragmentation").

    We have seen little evidence of such user-attractiveness in BB10 so far.
    • How many users did Apple have before the iPad started selling?

      How many users did iPhone have before it started selling?

      How long did the number of apps take before reaching 70,000, for either iPads or iPhones?

      Most times, a product has to be in the market for a while, before it reaches any meaningful number of applications, or any meaningful number of sales. But, sales had better also start becoming meaningful before the number of apps and the number of developers become meaningful.
      • Re: But, sales had better also start becoming meaningful before the number

        Congratulations, you have just regurgitated my point.
        • @Ido17

          Would you mind comparing how long it took iPhone ecosystem to reach 70000+ apps with Android ecosystem to reach 70000+ or with MS ecosystem to reach 70000+?

          If you compare, you may find some flaw in your logic.
          • Re: If you compare, you may find some flaw in your logic.

            In what way?