BlackBerry aims to show it can keep popular apps updated

BlackBerry aims to show it can keep popular apps updated

Summary: BlackBerry 10 appears to be off to a solid start, but to be a long term winner popular applications have to keep up with other platforms. That reality means BlackBerry developers may be adding features.


BlackBerry has updated its Facebook and Twitter app with new features that integrate with its BlackBerry 10 platform. The catch: Facebook and Twitter aren't the ones adding the features.

The new versions of Facebook and Twitter are being built by BlackBerry developers not the social sites. BlackBerry also developed Facebook and Twitter apps for its BlackBerry 7 platform too and got complaints after awhile.

This behind the scenes development won't be a big deal to the actual app user---unless the experience is horrible---but does highlight the following nuances with the BlackBerry platform.

  • First, BlackBerry hasn't proven its latest platform is a consumer hit so app developers aren't likely to rush to go native. These developers are likely to stick with iOS and Android until another platform proves itself.
  • BlackBerry has Android apps in its market place and that has given it scale. However, BlackBerry has to develop popular apps if it wants to integrate the features unique to its platform.
  • If BlackBerry 10 devices are going to be a contender for bring your own device set-ups it needs the experience for the core mobile applications to be a good one.

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The new version of Facebook for BlackBerry 10 integrates location and check-ins, photo sharing and local saving and event planning. BlackBerry also updated its Twitter app with a tab to view all interactions in one place, add photos to tweets and see the number of times a mention has been favorited.



Note that none of these features will make you want to drop another platform, but BlackBerry is making sure it's top applications are competitive. And for now that means BlackBerry will be building in updates to core applications. In the long run, BlackBerry will have to make sure popular apps are updated no matter who does the code. 

Should BlackBerry grab market share, companies like Facebook and Twitter would theoretically take over the updates with native versions of their apps.

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  • I have used BB

    For a long time & one of the things I learned early on is that apps made by BB blow away apps made by vendors, they work better with the OS. I would love to see BB develope all the bigger name apps for they're phones
    • Do agree

      I am agree with you that are saying absolutely right now i BB want to dominate in the global app and handsets market.
  • Confidence

    Because BlackBerry has written these apps I have confidence that the purpose of the apps are to access Facebook, Twitter etc rather than to gather my information, because as everyone is painfully aware these sites make their money by collecting personal information and using it to target you. Bottom line is that I trust BlackBerry a lot more than Facebook...
    • Trust

      Agree. Trust is what matters for us BlackBerry users.
      Julio Jonas
  • Offer a dev tool to port Android apps!

    Of course this isn't possible for Apple apps (or practical to maintain, as Apple will do all they can to thwart it)...
    ...but on the Android side, toolkits could be created and maintained with a small team at BlackBerry, to allow custom porting of Android apps.

    I think it would be in BlackBerry's interest to set up a team of people, to contact popular app developers, and offer to convert their apps for them, test for bugs, and make the work on the developer's side very minimal.

    This doesn't need to perpetuate indefinitely - but BlackBerry's biggest problem right now is a barren wasteland of an ecosystem that's resulted from taking their eye off the ball.

    If I were BB CEO, I think I'd make it happen.
  • Not just Apps. Blackberry got integrated Apps!

    Whatever we want to comment apps, we hand up that at the ends most of OS got their main Apps all with similar features (ex Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Office document reader, PDF reader....just to name few).
    The main difference is Blackberry got their Apps fully integrated with the core OS. Meaning it is generally not required to open the specific App to review, access, reply... to specific messages have em all integrated with the "Hub" (in OS 10) or in "Message" (in previous OS).
    All informations of your contact are showing together in your contact list; so you dont have to recall from which service you have its email, or phone no, of any other informations... You have them all at the same place, fully integrated.
  • Core Integrated

    Yes! This is another BlackBerry feature that makes the Z10 better.

    Not only are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Evernote built-in, but you get the notifications in Hub, along with your Outlook, Gmail, or Exchange mail and text messages.