BlackBerry boasts 18,000 enterprise server installations

BlackBerry boasts 18,000 enterprise server installations

Summary: According to the smartphone maker, 60 percent of the Fortune 500 have either ordered or downloaded and installed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

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BlackBerry has 18,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10 installations to date, since the next-generation mobile device management service was launched in January.

In a press release on Thursday, the Waterloo, Ontario-based smartphone maker said it has added Whirlpool Corporation and BDO Canada to its enterprise mobility management roster. It also noted that 60 percent of the Fortune 500 have ordered, downloaded or installed the product since its release.

In prepared comments, Strategy Analytics director of mobility Kevin Burden said: "The company's ability to bring secure workspace capabilities to iOS and Android alongside BlackBerry, gives IT managers the tools needed to manage the complexity that 'bring your own device' has brought to many environments."

Just four months after BES 10 was first released, the company updated the software to version 10.1, which now offers simplified deployments and more granular controls over IT policy options — a particularly useful feature designed for governments with staff holding regulated-level security clearances.

A few weeks later, ZDNet learned that BlackBerry launched BES 10.1 as part of a cloud-based offering, which will further integrate with the current trend of messaging platforms moving towards the cloud.

Topic: BlackBerry

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  • Is it crazy to suggest blackberry stop making phones?

    They're not very good at it. But they are very good at security. Maybe they should focus on what they're good at.
    x I'm tc
    • Blackberry makes very good phones

      What was the last model you tried?
      • Q10 best of both worlds. Great phone

    • Blackberry is a good phone for work

      I have a BB 9900 which I use for work. I like the physical keyboard and fast email service. The security is a nice touch too. I have been asked why I don't have an iphone and I guess because I have an iPad, I feel like I really don't need one. I also don't care about netflix, hulu and all those kinds of things on a smartphone. I mean come on, I have a big screeen HDTV at home. I guess I like to mix it up a bit by using products from the major players; Apple, HP, Samsung (yes I bought the refridgerater), Dell, Google, Vizio (love my Vizio smart TVs). Wait, this is supposed to be about Blackberry. I am looking forward to upgrading to the new BB 10, which won't be so new probably, when my contract is up next February.
      GK Matter
    • Blackberry makes great phones !

      Blackberry make some of the best phones on the market for work and convience, I have use almost every major phone on the market (Iphone 4s & 5, samsung galaxy s 3 and 4 and others as well) the physical key board is great, very easy to use and type fast even if you are bigger (I am 6'1" 200+lb) the operating system works perfectly. No they don't have all the apps avail to then that OSi and android do but they are not toys like those others are, and they still have pandora, facebook, navigation and many other usefull apps. The email servers are terific and fast, my work and personal emails populate almost instantly, can I use my phone as a level no but you know what that's why they make levels. I am honestly saddened to see blackberry cave to the braindead Iphone and android users with their new OS10 platform not everything needs to be a touch screen. Touchscreens tend to be very slow and glitchy not quick and responsive and virtually bug free as most blackberrys of preoius years have been. As I am writing this I have 5 windows open in my browser, email, password services, adobie, and document reader all running at once with no lag no delays, everything just work that's what blackberry does and they do it VERY well, they make purpose built phones that serve their purpose with ease after all it is a phone not a toy, not a level, not a range finder for the golf course. It is meant to connect you with your social and work life effortlesly and it performs as such.
      • Q10 best of both worlds

        I feel the Q10 is the best of both worlds, allowing a convenient touch screen, but with an even better keyboard than before, with typing speed and accuracy that Android and Apple have yet to match.

        For small business, realtors, writers and execs, Q10 is still the best phone out there for email and central messaging.

        Q10 really has let me keep moving, a lame slogan, but accurate.
    • market shares

      Security update (20 - 30) versus a Cell phone (300-800). Profit is in cell phone sales. Marketing tool hand held versus a Software package.
  • BlackBerry still making good phones

    BlackBerry's problems aren't product related, it's phones are top notch, and the Q10 is very slick and functional. However, despite cash on hand after many one time costs, it's the pack of media vultures that is doing BlackBerry in. With a full range of strong products, BlackBerry should be gloating, yet finds itself on the defensive.

    BlackBerry makes great new business and personal communication phones, but needs to spend some of the billions in savings counter acting negative media attention. A shame. Then again, fear of failure is BB's biggest issue. Despite billions in savings. Despite great new phones.

    I recommend BB10 to anyone
    I much prefer it to Windows Phone, which seems to escape media criticism, despite being a worse system, from a bigger company!
  • Mainstream media forgets this BlackBerry positive

    I would think 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies running BlackBerry is a huge accomplishment! Yet, one the media seems to ignore stellar BlackBerry accomplishments. Yet the Globe and Mail has lots of ink for fear mongering
  • Mainstream media forgets this BlackBerry positive

    I would think 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies running BlackBerry is a huge accomplishment! Yet, one the media seems to ignore stellar BlackBerry accomplishments. Yet the Globe and Mail has lots of ink for fear mongering