BlackBerry continues to clean house with Alicia Keys signing off

BlackBerry continues to clean house with Alicia Keys signing off

Summary: Did anyone remember (or even know in the first place) that the singer was the "creative director" for the phone maker?


Under the reins of new CEO John Chen, BlackBerry has been trimming the fat left and right in order to get things back into shape in 2014.

The beleaguered phone maker's latest move is likely one that won't surprise anyone tracking the company's bottom line.

Canadian news network CTV is reporting that BlackBerry is "parting ways" with singer Alicia Keys, who signed on a year ago as "global creative director" for the mobile brand. The departure is effective on January 30.

It is not clear whether or not BlackBerry outright fired Keys, her contract ended, or she just left on her own.

Regardless, it's hard to quantify or even assume that her endorsement deal did anything beneficial for BlackBerry whatsoever.

Given the continuous stream of bad news coming out of the Waterloo, Ontario headquarters, ranging from major layoffs (even at the executive level) to poor quarterly earnings reports, Keys's contract arguably did nothing more than deplete more money from the dwindling reserves.

Having a celebrity creative director also doesn't really fit in line with Chen's agenda for 2014.

Published on CNBC earlier this week, Chen revealed his business strategy and vision for the coming year, which revolves around three key parts: enterprise services, BlackBerry Messenger, and the QNX operating system.

Essentially, BlackBerry will concentrate on what it already does best -- serving business and government customers -- likely shuttling away any rumors or hopes (if there are any) about new consumer sector projects.

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  • I was wondering about this very thing today, actually

    It occurred to me that Keys was a very "Thorsten Heins" move and I wondered how long Chen would sustain it. Not very long, it would seem.
  • Keep going ....

    Burn it all down - makes it easier to build what you need.

    This was a huge waste of money, she kept using her iPhone and Blackberry foot the bill for her Girl on Fire tour.

    Let's hope the new Blackberry has a little more backbone