BlackBerry investigates BB 10 SMS mystery and Android 4.3-killing SWS bug

BlackBerry investigates BB 10 SMS mystery and Android 4.3-killing SWS bug

Summary: An update to BlackBerry 10 is causing messaging woes for some, while customers using Secure Work Space on Android 4.3 will find their device "unusable".

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BlackBerry has confirmed a recent update pushed out to BlackBerry 10 OS devices is causing MMS and SMS to be deleted.

BlackBerry owners that have installed the latest OS may, as some posted on Blackberry's user forum on Thursday, experience a total loss of SMS and MMS.

BlackBerry confirmed it is investigating the problem, but is yet to provide a resolution. "After an upgrade or update was performed to BlackBerry OS version it is noticed that all of the SMS and MMS messages have been discarded from the device," BlackBerry notes in a knowledge base article.

BlackBerry started rollout the latest OS 10.1 update across the globe, starting with Asia Pacific, Canada and Europe on 29 July, but availability depends on the carrier.

The Canadian handset maker is also suffering a few teething problems with its newly released Secure Work Space (SWS), which runs on BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 and offers 'BlackBerry Balance-like' management such as secured app containers for iOS and Android. 

According to a bulletin posted on Thursday, running SWS on Android 4.3 renders the device "unusable". The issue affects Androids enabled for SWS that are upgraded to OS 4.3 and new activations for SWS for devices that already run the new OS.

"While in this state the Home screen will not appear and no applications can be run," BlackBerry notes.

There is a work around to make the device usable again, but it does not make SWS usable, according to BlackBerry, whose development team is investigating the problem.

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