BlackBerry lays off 250 employees

BlackBerry lays off 250 employees

Summary: The cuts just keep coming at the Canadian mobile company.

TOPICS: BlackBerry, Mobility

Troubled Canadian mobile company BlackBerry has laid off about 250 of its employees at its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, according to various news reports.

The employees were primarily from the company's product testing group, which includes research and development.

As you might expect, the move comes as the result of a desire to cut costs. The former Research in Motion slashed thousands of jobs in a major restructuring last year, bringing the total to 12,700.

The company, which turned in weak but better than expected financial results last quarter, had hinted more recently that it planned further cuts. 

Shares of the company's stock have been under duress, to say the least, as its new line of mobile phones (the all-touch Z10, keyboard-clad Q10) failed to gain immediate traction in a market dominated by Apple's iPhone and Google Android-powered devices, chiefly from Samsung.

BlackBerry stock (BBRY) price was up a hair, to 9.05, in morning trading.

Chief executive Thorsten Heins said recently that the company is planning a number of new products for the upcoming holiday season, including the flagship A10.

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Topics: BlackBerry, Mobility

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  • Another shrewd move at BB.

    "The employees were primarily from the company's product testing group, which includes research and development."

    Nothing like getting rid of the folks who are responsible for new devices. Who's next? The Marketing Department? Oh wait...they were already gone when the PlayBook was released.

    I feel for the employees, having had two major corporations I once worked for go belly-up.

    I do not feel for the "suits"...who always manage to screw things up for the workers...walk away with their pockets full of cash...then land in some other company...only to repeat the whole cycle all over again.
    • corporate double-talk

      Absolutely agree.... when a product company cuts its product testing teams, it says a lot about where they're heading.... after all, products will still need to be developed, QA'd and tested, only now the shipping dept will be asked to do it...or maybe accounting or whomever they can find wandering the halls at mighty RIM...

      very disappointing indeed.....
      Kia Ora IV
    • Good post

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    • Good post

      just as Melissa answered I am dazzled that a mother can get paid $5668 in a few weeks on the computer. did you read this page... c­a­n9­9.ℂ­ℴ­M
  • wont be around much longer

    Been say these for months I say bb will fold next year into a services company as they cant compete enough even with 5 billion in the bank... I see them porting their stuff over to ios and android next year and concentrate on making enterprise apps or services instead of hardware. I was a former user but the competition offers better stuff for the price and you do way more productivity on other platforms like ios and android and even windows phone is better right now... so will see, and im not taking any sides either just stating the obvious...
  • BB

    and WinPhone have been locked in an epic battle for least desirable phone. MS has the cash and the clout to keep pushing forward. BB does not. It would appear their days are numbered.
    • Windows Phone has the best hardware on the market

      The Nokias handily beat every iPhone, every galaxy, every Droid, every HTC one, and everything else out there. And the Windows Phone OS is the most secure, the fastest, and has the best UX for both productivity and ease of use. They are far ahead of all others, not just blackberry.
      Johnny Vegas
      • That's one view

        but not necessarily the reality based one.
      • Re: Windows Phone has the best hardware on the market

        But not the best software. As was proven by those vendors who took popular Android models, switched the OS to Windows on the same hardware, only to see it crash and burn in the marketplace.
  • Unfortunatly...

    Unfortunately, blackberry is having a slow death... I really hope that some the blackberry strengths like security and no-compromise on snooping will live on...
  • Subjective

    It's of general rule that when bad times come the only thing you need to do is survive. In my opinion they are doing great for where they were 8 months ago. They will do a slow come back and the first thing is to repair the brand which suffered a lot with the old BlackBerry devices.
    • R&D

      If they begin shedding R&D staff that's a sign that they are done, at least in the mobile device market. They can still re-invent themselves, but their mobile device and mobile OS days are pretty much done.
      • Yep

        I'd tend to agree with you.... not sure what BB or RIM or whatever they'll be called will look like in 2 yrs
        Kia Ora IV
  • @ Blackberry

    One of my previous posts:
    RIP RIM. I mean RIP Blackberry. Premature RIP that is.

    I am still waiting on this list of companies to go belly up since I called it out first on Zdnet two years ago -
    #1 HTC
    #2 Nokia
    #3 Motorola
    #4 Sony Mobile
    #5 Blackberry (finally going down, next stop bankruptcy or acquisition by Huawei or bake sale of BES to Microsoft)

    Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, TCL, Micromax and Karbonn are the only real winners of the smartphone market. Not Microsoft. Not Google. And definitely not the above companies which will all be shutdown or be bankrupt or split up by end of Q4 2014.

    Still waiting for Blackberry to move to that goalpost of massive restructuring or $500 million dollar acquisition by Microsoft or bankruptcy. Only their NOC network has some value left in it.
    • Nokia is seeing huge Lumia sales growth

      They're not going anywhere. Last week they just put out the best phone on the market.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Re: Nokia is seeing huge Lumia sales growth

        Unfortunately not "huge" enough to offset their overall decline...
    • Google

      bought Motorola?
  • Come Over To The Dark Side, And Embrace Android

    Do not underestimate the power of The (Open) Source.
  • I'll never go to the dark side

    But I'll never go to the Apple Temple either. Come and join me with the WP rebels in Redmond!
    • Re: Come and join me with the WP rebels in Redmond!

      Who's your Jefferson Davis?