BlackBerry Live attendees to get a Z10; Skype comes to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Live attendees to get a Z10; Skype comes to BlackBerry 10

Summary: We have just received word that BlackBerry Live attendees next month will get a brand-new Z10 to call their own. And by that time, Skype may be available for the Z10.

Z10 task-manager-200x204
BlackBerry Z10 -- Image credit: James Kendrick/ZDNet

Research in Motion (RIM) will be throwing its big BlackBerry Live conference in Orlando, Florida, in May. The conference, to be held in conjunction with the BlackBerry Jam Americas event, will have partners, developers, and enthusiasts attending from all over the world.

Attendees will be happy to hear that each will be receiving a new Z10 smartphone. The Z10 is the new BlackBerry 10 phone with a big touchscreen optimized for the unique operation of the new OS.

From RIM:

Attendees will receive a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, courtesy of Brightstar, our premier mobile sponsor. Your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone will be a valuable tool throughout BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas.

Those new Z10s will be even more productive with the announcement that Skype is now available for phones running BlackBerry 10.1. Owners of the Q10, which is just now shipping, can already use Skype, as this phone ships with version 10.1 of the OS. The Z10 will be getting an update to BlackBerry 10.1 "in the coming weeks", and will handle Skype once updated. Wouldn't it be great if the update hit in time for the BlackBerry Live hoedown, so all of those new Z10s can have Skype from the get-go?

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  • Blackberry is back

    Good to see!
  • BlackBerry 10

    Simply the most evolutionary OS
  • Cool, early adaptors, screwed again...

    Nice, you invest a boatload of money in a new phone, and weeks later they are handing them out for free again. Same happened with Playbook. Paid full monty, within few weeks price dropped from EUR479 to under EUR200 and were given away for free on conferences, and flooded second-hand market: they were for sale for as little as EUR 100.

    Way to go BB, that is how you push early adaptors away.
    Dajo Rodrigo
    • Man...

      Stop your bitching
      Kess So Harlem
    • Free?

      It cost $699 US to attend that conference. Glaring omission in the article.