BlackBerry Messenger to hit Android, iOS this weekend

BlackBerry Messenger to hit Android, iOS this weekend

Summary: After this weekend, users will be able to mix their Berries with their Ice Cream Sandwiches, Jellybeans, or Apples, if they so desire.


BlackBerry has quelled rumours around when BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will arrive on Android and iOS, committing to releasing it over the weekend.

Earlier in the week, Samsung Nigeria let the news leak on Twitter that BBM would be available on its devices from September 20. That appears to have been a day off, with BlackBerry today confirming that BBM will be available on Android on September 21 and iPhone on September 22.

BlackBerry also made no mention of the rumour that Samsung had secured a three-month exclusive to have BBM on its devices only. Instead, the statement from the company says that it will be available for Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Similarly, in the Apple camp, iOS 6 and 7 are the supported mobile operating systems.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry is alleged to be gearing up for staff cutbacks. It is reported that the company will eliminate up to 40 percent of its workforce by the end of the year, affecting several thousand employees.

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  • BB is slowly turning into an app company

    and that is a bit sad for a company that was once so strong.
    • Not quite. BBM and their mail app are still valuable services.

      But you're right.

      I suspect I won't be treated to the spectacle of the Wall Street minions with their black berries riding on the subways spinning the little wheel on the thing for much longer.

      BB is going to be a much smaller company...
      • Some reports are that uo to 40% of staff are to be sacked

        I feel for those people. It will certainly make BB a much smaller company.
    • This what happens from poor leadership

      They run off loading bags of money onto their helicopters while the rest of the staff gets pink slips.

      Geeze, they had 2ceos and still couldn't get things moving.
  • This would have been a hot feature when BB was strong...

    ...and could have even prevented them from being weak.
    Then, owning a BB wouldn't have meant you could only use BB messenger only with other people who had BB devices. That just makes you feel like an outsider with a device that's incompatible with the rest of the world. It's certainly not an empowering feeling, and immediately makes you go off and seek an app that you can use that IS compatible with "everyone you might need to communicate with". It's just a downright silly concept.

    If BB had done this back in the day, they might have prevented that discouraged feeling long before BB marketshare started tanking, leaving people with the additional feeling that their existing BB Messenger user base was likely to drop right into nonexistence.

    Now it's just a downward spiral. Is there anything BB messenger does that other messenger apps compatible with SMS and MMS standards can't already do? Doubtful.
  • Why o Why...

    Well, for a start... it's rather difficult to compete with someone who is making ££££squillion from advertising, and then ploughing some of the money inot making a rather excellent operating susyem, which they then give away free to all and sundry, and thus generating even more people to see their advertising.

    The end comes for Google when people decide they have had enough of being enclosed in another walled garden, that knows no privacy, and you can't escape the ads.