BlackBerry nixes BlackBerry 10 on future PlayBooks

BlackBerry nixes BlackBerry 10 on future PlayBooks

Summary: BlackBerry said bringing its latest platform to the PlayBook wasn't worth the time and effort given the other company's opportunities.


The BlackBerry PlayBook is finished.


BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said the company will support PlayBook tablets in the field, but is going to stop efforts to bring BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook.

On an earnings conference call, Heins said:

Our teams have spent a great deal of time and energy looking at solutions that could move the BlackBerry 10 experience to PlayBook, but unfortunately I am not satisfied with the level of performance and user experience. I made the difficult decision to stop these efforts and focus on our core hardware portfolio. We will, however, support PlayBook on the existing software platforms and configurations. BlackBerry has made a lot of steady progress in the past year.

Heins added that part of that progress is that BlackBerry is smarter about things than a year ago. The game plan is to focus on the enterprise, mobility management and BlackBerry 10 devices of the smartphone variety.

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  • I guess it makes sense

    But I still wish it wasn't so, the PlayBook's biggest problem was on the hardware front.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • That was about "existing configuratiins, by the way"

      as it points to the "we're not making another PlayBook" idea.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Dumb

    They might as well close up shop now, they just lost every playbook user as a customer, And every playbook user is going to bad mouth Blackberry to anyone who will listen. And who is going to buy an old outdated tablet that will never be updated. Their customers waited for this for a long time, They finally come out with the new OS and new phones and then dump on their tablet users. They just lost peoples trust.
    • "They just lost peoples trust."

      Exactly my thoughts...
    • Oh I dunno

      Playbook OS has most of what BB10 had, and a lot of the confusing navigation in BB10 I'm glad we're not going to have to endure.

      What I will miss are the apps. We would have had access to all the apps, as opposed to the limited supply of Playbook apps.
    • Just because they aren't putting full BB10 on the PlayBook

      doesn't mean they won't update the current playbooks with some of the new features found in BB10
      William Farrel
      • Errr....

        Different OS. Would need to port a BB10 app to the OS Playbook uses.
    • Long term supporter

      Totally agree. I think Mr Heins has just made his biggest mistake because in one move he has done a U turn on something promised to the Playbook and its users and developers a long time ago. RIM and now Blackberry has had a very rough time and some very difficult decisions have been made but turning your back on your loyal customer base isn't a difficult decision its a real dumb move and whats more don't sugar coat it with a lie and sweep it under the 'I'm not happy with the user experience' as if he is doing us a favour. Unfortunately for Mr Heins even despite his bold efforts to turn the company around its failed and I don't actually think its his fault, he managed to stretch things out long enough to give the PlayBook and BB10 a chance but the customer base has moved on. The decision to no longer release BB10 for Playbook I think is simply down to a company collapsing in on itself, its out of lives and I'm out of faith.
  • Way to go Thor baby...better start looking for a new job...

    ...'cause your company is now on life support...and will be dead by the end of 2013.

    So, it looks like I can put my Playbook away in the closet, along with my copies of MS Bob & Vista.

    Nice going "The company formerly known as RIM". Nothing like LYING to your customers. Even Apple isn't THAT bad...well almost.

    But, it probably doesn't matter anyway, as they will be out of business, LONG before BB11 would have been released.
    • the way...

      ...anyone want to BUY my Playbook? I only paid USD$199.00 for it...fortunately...but am willing to let it go for less. Any offers? ;-)
      • Hmmm.

        $5 and you pay for the shipping. :-)
  • Given the power of the tablet market...

    ...BlackBerry's decision is even more astonishing. The future is now in tablets, both big and small and the fact that BB have decided to evacuate that space is probably the strongest indication yet that the company is due a massive rebuilding.

    We Had RIM 1.0 for a number of years, then RIM 2.0 (Project: Call us BlackBerry) lasted a horribly short time. Perhaps RIM 3.0 (We're a services business only - we don't make no steekin' hardware) might provide them better luck...
    Lost In Clouds of Data
  • Wow! What an "A"hole.

    An incredibly bad decision: "To crap where you eat...on the only true supporters of BB. SEE YA Blackberry!"
  • time to switch

    its time we move on from blackberryand go with iOS android and windows phone, speaking as a developers view.
  • Ouch - so disappointed in Bb

    Typing this on my playbook, maybe for the last time. I held out waiting for BB10 on playbook in the hopes of getting netflix and Skype on my beloved hardware. Just this week gave up partially, wanting a 10 inch tablet and had no choice but to go with Android again. I had an early knock off android 2.1 a while back and found it redicously behind the playbook at the time, but now jellybean, while still not as 'solid' as the playbook os, is pretty slick, and has netflix and Skype out of the box. No more fooling around wih side loading, IM pretend Skype, or splashtop to the desktop for netflix.

    Oh well, can use as a reader until the Kobo app dies like it did on the blackberry phones about a year ago. I give, the writing is on the wall -. BB was fun while it lasted, but relegated to the history books.

    Bye bye
  • Bye bye BB

    This is the last one that I take from Blackberry. The CEO asks for time, then wants more time to show themselves, then they crap on consumers. 100k tables, that is 100K customers plus perhaps several million pissed off customers now due to the Playbook push back.

    Blackberry, we are done. It's not me, IT'S YOU!
  • PlayBook Expectations

    In my opinion, the CEO should not have announced this at an earnings call. If there is a technical reason for it (and there probably is), it needs to be announced in a separate press release with a detailed reason as to why, and an apology. I also bought a Playbook cheap when I heard that BB10 would be coming to it because even though it was running on 2 year old h/w, it still had superior specs to the iPad mini and it truly was multi-tasking. However, when all the BB 10 phones were released, they had 2G of ram, (which you only see on the later Android phones - and will probably see on the next iOS7 phone), so I started to suspect that it would be hard for them to move BB 10 to the Playbook (which has 1G of ram) without some big changes. They probably tried to do some sort of workarounds but as soon as they knew that it wasn't feasible, they needed to come clean in a separate statement to Playbook owners. It personally doesn't affect me because the current PlayBook meets all my needs, but I was hoping to get BB 10, and the explanation is unsatisfactory.
  • Hmmmm...

    Got lucky I guess. My last smartphone was a BB. Now the new one isn't. Good move by myself. :-)