BlackBerry previews new cloud-based mobile enterprise solution

BlackBerry previews new cloud-based mobile enterprise solution

Summary: At today's Gartner Symposium, ITxpo 2013, BlackBerry has previewed a new enterprise solution to help businesses secure networks in a world of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies.


BlackBerry hopes to lure enterprise clients that want to make sure corporate and BYOD devices stay secure, by previewing a new mobile solution at today's Gartner Symposium, ITxpo 2013.

The new multi-platform cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution will "enable businesses to easily secure and manage corporate and personal devices," according to BlackBerry.

While providing support for multiple platforms and devices, the enterprise-based solution is expected to make the process of controlling bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies while keeping corporate networks secure a less complicated task for IT departments, as well as cutting costs for firms.

BlackBerry's new offering includes mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and security standards.

The solution is expected to minimize the complexity of managing a mobile fleet of different devices, and will eliminate the need for IT departments to purchase servers -- as administrators register online and login to web-based management consoles in order to control the system, deploy applications and enrol new devices. Administrators will be able to build a catalog of public apps from the App StoreSM, Google Play and the BlackBerryWorld storefronts before monitoring app distribution and usage patterns across devices connected through the scheme.

End-users can manage their own devices through self-service consoles.

Stephen Bates, Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at BlackBerry commented:

"BlackBerry is evolving. As the industry has adopted BYOD and mixed mobile environments, we've responded with our multi-platform EMM solution. The new cloud-based EMM solution will bring all the benefits of our on-premise offering, which is trusted by more businesses and governments around the world than any other enterprise mobility solution, to customers as a cloud service that lets them easily manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices more cost efficiently than ever before."

The service will be available as a single monthly subscription that covers both the license and technical support, and is expected to be generally available by the end of November 2013.

Gartner predicts that half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes by 2017, and through 2014, employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at more than double the rate of corporate-owned devices, which puts device and app management high on the priority list for business and IT leaders alike.

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  • Gartner is redonkulous

    Seriously Garnter expects half of employers to require employees give up their phones to corporate control?
    I know most people are not very bright but working for a company forcing you to relinquish control in a world where your life sits on your mobile device just is not wise. Unless the users are using BlackBerry 10 devices with Balance enabled the go to safe guard for IT is to wipe your device remotely. So if you are to get laid off on friday afternoon, your device is wiped before you go home. how much of your life is thrown in havok first by losing your job and second by all your contacts being wiped clean.

    My BYOD phone is exclusively a hardware BYOD I retain a personal phone and line which stores anything non corporate related, my company pays for my SIM card and all services if they require me to carry a device. That is how it has been with my last 3 employers. And will remain that way.

    This Cloud EMM solution is great, with Enterprises moving to Office 365 and Google Apps like solutions they are more likely to employ cloud based EMMs as well. I really hope BlackBerry is successful in this venture.
    • BES10 Is Best for Security

      I agree with you. BYOD is just bad if you care about security. Everyone knows that if security is your top priority, then you issue a corporate device and you can make your employees happy if you give them a BlackBerry 10 device with Balance enabled, so their personal space, photos, etc is private and untouched by the company.
  • Which reminds me of...

    ...if a tree fell in a forest, and no one was there, would it make any noise?