BlackBerry quietly launches BES 10.1 in the cloud

BlackBerry quietly launches BES 10.1 in the cloud

Summary: BlackBerry Enterprise Service got a big upgrade to version 10.1 this week and BlackBerry has also quietly launched BES as a cloud service.

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ZDNet recently learned that BlackBerry has quietly launched BES 10.1 as a service, as part of the launch of the latest update to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service. The company hasn't broadcast a press release about this new development but has begun to talk openly about it.

"We are making BES 10.1 available as a cloud service and have several companies in trial," said Pete Devenyi, BlackBerry's SVP of Enterprise Software.

As we reported earlier, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 is expected to give the company a boost as it rises to meet the demand for solutions to manage iOS and Android devices in a BYOD environment.

With service providers working hard to convince businesses to stop deploying their own servers and data centers and simply purchase server capacity and enterprise apps on demand, it puts pressure on other application and server providers to do the same in order to better integrate with these cloud solutions and to match up the business model for customers.

As messaging platforms like Microsoft Exchange push toward the cloud, it makes sense for BlackBerry, which helps securely deliver Exchange and other enterprise services to mobile devices, to do likewise. 

"This is a major initiative for us," said Devenyi. "We're very pleased with the progress we've made there and the interest from our customers."

Devenyi said that BES 10.1 also delivers virtualization improvements for those who still want to run BES on their own servers and VMs. That includes the ability to run BES 10.1 and BES 5 (to support older BES implementations and legacy BlackBerry devices) on the same server and makes it simpler for smaller organizations to quickly deploy BES 10.1 in a VM.

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Topics: Mobility, BlackBerry

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  • Please...

    ... just let Blackberry die already so the world can move on.
    • too little too late

      your comment is too little too late. Blackberry is here to stay and has a fantastic new set of products.
      • "...and has a fantastic new set of products."

        Like BB10 for the PlayBook. Just like BB/RIM have been promising for the past YEAR. Right?

        Maybe not.
    • Sorry!

      Just ordered 2 Z10`s this past week, black for myself and white for the wife. A lot of people like myself hate crApple & droid. Go Berry!
      Freddy 2 Fingers
  • I wonder when the delusional cloud advocates with see the light

    Nothing like gift wrapping your data for the NSA. At least if it's in your own server they have to work to get it.
    • True dat...

      Subject line.
      Freddy 2 Fingers
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