BlackBerry ships more older devices than BB10, reneges on PlayBook BB10 promise

BlackBerry ships more older devices than BB10, reneges on PlayBook BB10 promise

Summary: BlackBerry held their Q1 2013 earnings call today and there didn't seem to be anything there but bad news, including disappointing BB10 sales, confirmation they shouldn't have made PlayBook promises and more.

BlackBerry ships more older devices than BB10, reneges on PlayBook BB10 promise
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There was a lot of depressing news from the BlackBerry Q1 2013 earnings call this morning, including that BlackBerry shipped fewer BB10 devices (2.72 million) than older BB devices (4.08 million). With a previous selling rate lagging shipping totals of about 30 percent, BlackBerry may have actually sold just under 2 million devices.

The BlackBerry Z10 was reported to ship 1 million units in the first three weeks it was available and predictions estimated at least 3 million BB10 devices would ship this quarter, which did not happen.

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The Q10 just started shipping here in the US so its impact on financials here was likely minimal. However, the Q10 has been out for over a month outside the US and has reportedly done pretty well. I do like using the Q10, but I don't see a compelling reason to choose a BB10 device over an iOS or Android device at the moment.

After using the BB Z10 for a couple of months and then hearing the promise at the BB10 launch that BB10 would be coming to the PlayBook, I went out and bought a refurbished one about a month ago to install the update. It turns out that BlackBerry is reneging on that promise and that BlackBerry 10 is NOT coming to the PlayBook after all. I understand the OS on the PlayBook is not that much different than BB10, but they should never have told us it was coming unless they were certain. While I didn't spend a huge amount on the refurb unit, something like $130, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I wrote an article on the underdogs, BlackBerry, HTC, and Nokia, back in April wondering which would be around at the end of a two-year contract. My BlackBerry prediction isn't looking as solid as I thought at the time, HTC made some changes in marketing leadership and the HTC One is the best smartphone I have ever used, and Nokia continues to roll out devices across the pricing spectrum while pushing Microsoft. After just a couple of months, I am inclined to change my viability order to Nokia, HTC, and then BlackBerry.

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  • This is not unexpected but does shake my confidence...

    Sad times, especially considering the common QNX core to the PlayBook OS and BB10, but I understand BlackBerry has to sensibly allocate their resources. BlackBerry did disclose that they only sold 100,000 PlayBooks in the last quarter, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things.
    • $3 Billion in revenue

      I wonder where they are allocating resources.
  • "BlackBerry 10 is NOT coming to the PlayBook after all."

    Nice. Looks like I can put my Playbook away in the closet, along with my copies of MS Bob & Vista.

    Nice going "The company formerly known as RIM". What a bunch of crap.

    But probably doesn't matter anyway, as they will be out of business, by the time BB11 would have been released.
    • ??

      Why? Is your Playbook broken now?
  • sticking to Google and apple for now

    Ive been sating this months and no one has been listening. Bb will done and sold by the end of the year. It will be apple google and Microsoft for the smartphone market now. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will get out too on the mobile side too and what happens if apple and Google are the only two in the smartphone market. Until that happens ill be on android and apple for the time being. i will windows phone if the app selection gets better otherwise sticking to what I said above.
    • You miss the whole best part of WP8

      you don't need a 100 dopey app to do what you need, you can you facebook and twitter without ever installing the apps even, hubs are the future, not seas of tiles.
      • WP is a bunch of crap

        Skydrive fail is even included. Plus ugly tiles. No, thank you.
    • if that would happen

      Prism is everywhere. It`s in Android, Windows Phone and iOS already.
      Nokia was killed by Microsoft.
      If Blackberry would also be killed, there is only one escape - Linux on phones (Ubuntu/Jolla/Tizen).
      We don`t need this US-spyware-crap on our smartphones.
  • "Google are the only two in the smartphone market. "

    But Google, well for that fact neither is MS in the smart phone market. They develop the software but they do nothing with actual phones (well Google has tried but Samsung and HTC seem to eat their lunch). And of the two only MS seems to have a handle on what the OEMs do with the mOS...Google for sure has no control once it's out the door, based on what my kids have to deal with but they sure do get the blame
  • Annoyed as @#$%!

    I really like the PlayBook. It's a great tablet. Amazon said they would make a Kindle App for it, but they haven't. They made a Kindle App for BB10, under the excuse that BB10 was coming to the PlayBook. Except, now it isn't. Blurgle!
    • Kindle?

      You can still install the Android app though.
  • BlackBerry lost

    If heinz knew how to instill confidence in blackberry they wouldn't be in this hole. As he wanted others to take bb10 on their handsets and tablets through some type of licence deals, he should first have released bb10 to as many customers as possible to create as large a user base as possible first. This would include PlayBook. Once you get customers, you then get the attention of other companies, and numbers keep people confident and buying.
  • Auf Wiedersehen Herr Heins!

    This is the last one that I take from Blackberry. The CEO asks for time, then wants more time to show themselves, then they crap on consumers. 100k tables, that is 100K customers plus perhaps several million pissed off customers now due to the Playbook push back.

    Blackberry, we are done. It's not me, IT'S YOU!
  • Done with Blackberry....

    After today I will not recommend, buy or support anything that has to do with Blackberry. My organization will now focus on another vendor for smartphones and mobile solutions. I will enjoy watching blackberry go out of business as they enjoyed constantly telling their customers nothing but fabrications they never intended to deliver on.
    Jake Campbell
  • Damned analysts.

    Sales figures are not that particular bad, especially given the fact that shippings were delayed.
    Remarkably, while analysts on the one hand point out that this delay could have had an impact on the initial sales, the predicted number for Blackberry sales this quarter was even higher than the smartphones Nokia sold in total (with Nokia having their Windows Phone devices on the market for 5 quartals now).
    I rather think that IDC and US-investors are trying to put some pressure on Blackberry by manipulating the stock value, hoping to get Heins removed and to eventually get the last relevant non-US (and therefore not vulnerable to Prism, since BB does not operate any US-based Cloud services) Smartphone-OS out of the market.
    Pretty much the same as it was with Nokia three years ago:
    Good software, good sales but bad IDC-comments and stock rates. Thank you America.
    • @hacho

      Actually, Nokia sold more than 2 million Lumia(even the WP7 version) for sure.
  • What about the future of the windows phone too?

    This goes for the windows phone too even with increased marketshare, will Microsoft cut off windows phone when support ends next year july 2014 and concentrate mainly on tablets and computers mainly? i like the windows phone and would consider buying one but it lacks a lot of my mainly used apps. Nokia is the only true manufacture that supports windows phone 90% of the time but they make pretty good looking phones though. but i love windows 8 as i dual boot. i will stick with android and apple for mobile now,and will wait later to see if windows phone 9 will come out or not next year sometime around fall next year.
  • No pad needed.

    Don't have a Playbook and don't need one. I love BlackBerry smartphones and will keep using one. However, I just added an HTC One to my collection, and I agree that it's the best smartphone ever made. Love that phone.