BlackBerry Z10 accessories roundup (review)

BlackBerry Z10 accessories roundup (review)

Summary: The first BlackBerry 10 device, the Z10, finally arrives in the US today, launching on AT&T, followed by Verizon. There are several accessories available for the Z10 and I had the chance to try a few out.


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  • Suede Jacket Case for BlackBerry Z10 from SFBags

    Hi Matt,

    If your'e looking for a slim, minimalist Z10 case that will also clean the screen:

    Happy to send one if you like.
  • Battery charger bundle

    If you are a heavy user this is a must. You can swap batteries also but I like that you can just plug this in the side.

    I got the OEM holster from Best Buy. It rocks.
  • BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

    I looked at the Flip Shell and Transform Hard Shell cases, and decided on the Amzer® Shellster™ - Black For BlackBerry Z10. It has an impact resistant form fitting rear shell for protection and quickly slides in and out of the holster for instant phone access. The case is lined with a soft fabric for a scratch free phone and the 180º swivelling belt clip doubles as an adjustable clip stand....perfect for displaying or media viewing.

    I also put a ZAGG Invisible Shield on all my devices.

    I haven't gotten serious about the battery pack because I'm getting about three days on a charge.