BlackBerry Z10: Daily driver, thanks to these 10 apps and shortcuts

BlackBerry Z10: Daily driver, thanks to these 10 apps and shortcuts

Summary: I have been using the BlackBerry Z10 running the BB10 OS as my primary smartphone, and for the most part, it works just fine thanks to these 10 apps and web pages.


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    BlackBerry Maps

    I don't carry printed maps, and rely on my smartphones to get me where I need to be. BlackBerry Maps doesn't yet have transit, walking, or biking maps, but I use GPS primarily to drive to places, and it works just fine for me.

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    My family loves to go to the movies, and the Flixster application is my favorite on all platforms.

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    BlackBerry Remember with Evernote

    BlackBerry's Remember application is integrated into the OS and provides easy syncing with Evernote. While I still want to see a full Evernote application, Remember works well for me to easily get notes onto my device and synced to the cloud.

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  • I do Remember, yes I do.

    I really find myself coming to truly love the BlackBerry Remember application. It is one of those fantastic little apps that just seems to become so central to everything I do and it is oh so convenient. There has not been a lot of hoopla about this app, but I think it is another one of those understated strokes of genius that BlackBerry is famous for.
    • Remember app

      It doesn't compare to the Tasks app available on the previous versions which allowed you to make a reminder time. This one only allows a reminder at the start of the day. The coloured folders are all very pretty and I like that but I miss not being reminded at a particular time for a particular item and also having the reminder and due date.
      • Tasks

        Love that app.
  • BlackBerry is outselling the competition in the UK

    "Outselling the iPhone5 and the Galaxy S3 in the UK's Largest Retail Store and Crushing them in Business Sales"
  • That has been my experience too.

    Less is often more. What I want is some really good built-in apps that integrate well vs tons of mediocre stuff I have to install and that don't work together.

    BB hardware has been behind to the point that it has affected the user experience. With Z10 I think the hardware has caught up. I really do not want a phone with a screen too much larger than 4" because it becomes awkward to wear. And I need fast access to my phone.

    Looking forward to having the BB experience on some state of the art hardware.
  • Couldn't agree more

    Over recent years, who hasn't felt frustrated by promising apps turning out to be not just mediocre performers but, worse, disturbing overall performance and sometimes even introducing bugs in otherwise perfectly working devices. Sticking to essentials can save one a lot of time and stress, indeed. Like many business users I have embraced the BlackBerry Bold series for many years, because they have proven to be more solid and reliable than any other device I had before. But BlackBerry needs to come forward quickly with availabiliy information for it's devices, regarding continental european countries. If not, business users like me, who are long overdue for an upgrade, WILL shift to other brands (Samsung's KNOX platform might be a game changer, e.g.).
    Harry Vos
  • Nobody wants it

    This berry stuff is nonsense, nobody wants it. Everybody wants the most INNOVATIVE, most SECURE Operating System (O/S) ever, the Micr0$uck$ LoseDoze Fone8 in their SMART phone. It is the only with the INTELLECTUAL property that can install the internet and browse the web and point and click and cut and paste and mutitask and do all of the things that are so DIFFICULT if not outright IMPOSSIBLE to do with the boring Blackberry or Ios or Android stuff.
  • more apps will come

    Most major apps have been promised for BB10. Even if what is there is not enough, they will come soon!
  • It's the future that counts.

    I find that most app's I need are already there. The only thing missing to me is Audible but I can get around that by recording my books and playing them as mp3's on my BB10.

    It's the superior OS that matters most. It doesn't matter if an app isn't there, it's what this OS can do now and in the future.
    - iOS is limited and still single process minded, kind of like what a Celeron was to computer chips in the late 90's early 2000's. Inexpensive and great for doing one thing at a time, but iOS stuff ins't the cheapest, it's the most expensive and by far.

    - Android is very good, but it's open sourced, plagged by malware, totally unsecured and doesn't contribute much to North American business. I would even go as far as banning this cellphone OS from any Business outside of Asia due to all the cyber spying and security threats.

    - Windows is a phone that needs to be there for business and having the ability to easily port over applications made for Win XP\Win 7 is important. But it is very very late in the game and unfortunately, the OS is huge huge bloatware! up to 30gig for a full Windows 8 OS and the battery life just will never be there. Windows RT which is easier on the battery life, is also the same type of OS that plagued the Netbooks. They can do one thing well at a time and that's it.
    - The BlackBerry 10 OS (QNX and same as the Playbook) is an OS that has actually proven itself time and again in so many other platforms that most people would never know about. Computing power for Nuclear Power Plants, Satellites, Planes, Cars, Trains, Cisco routers, Web Servers and so much more. BB brought this to a cell phone and tablet, and it works, and works very well. And it has the power to do so much more in the future and what developers can do with this OS will be amazing. And the power drain from a super secure OS that allows for true multi-tasking is not as high as one would expect. It lasts a work day in heavy usage, and will last on stand by mode for a long time.

    I would love to see what Linux can do! and I would also have to say that Symbian is an excellent OS, it's just lost way to much market share to be relevant, but in this business things can change in a year.
  • What I want...

    Fast, easy LOCAL sync with MS Outlook's calendar, notes, tasks and contacts on my primary PC. I don't use an Exchange Server and I WON'T willingly store personal data in the cloud. I haven't seen this since Palm killed its PalmOS, R.I.P.

    Easy/cheap hotspot tethering to tap into 3G (good enough) or 4G for my Wi-Fi only Nexus 7 tablet, or sometimes, my Win7 based netbook.

    I am hopefully not making a bad assumption that Blackberry has an email client that can somewhat keep up with Outlook in juggling mulitple POP and IMAP email accounts, without screwing up my message threads in Outlook.

    A means of imaging the phone and storing the image on PC media to rebuild a replacement phone should my Blackberry be stolen or destroyed.

    A separately encrypted, locally stored, database of private information I wish to carry with me (e.g., logins, frequent user accounts, credit card numbers and contacts, passport information)
    Jim Johnson
  • Latitude

    Really annoying not having the latest and best Google Maps and Latitude. Why do we have to have second-rate stuff. If Blackberry want to win they must get their act together and provide te basic stuff which is so easily available on iPhone and Android.
    • you're assuming Google wants them to have Maps and Latitude

      Putting Maps on iOS only got a big push once iOS5 Maps turned out to be a crapfest. Vertically integrating popular apps with device manufacturers is the new battlefield where it used to be patents. Amazon controls who gets a "native" Kindle app, Microsoft controls who gets Skype now. Even if "native apps" are provided there's no guarantee they will be as fully featured on competing OSes because there is no imperative for these vertically integrated companies beyond their own interest.
  • Glympse

    Had got very used to this useful app which allows one to give ones position to a friend for a limited period. Very good maps. Also useful for clubs because one can see where all the group are. It was limited on Torch because the latest version was not supported and now it is not available on the Z10. Come on Blackberry - get a grip or you will lose out. We all want you to succeed so pull your finger out.
  • Google Calendar Synch

    Amazing that Blackberry could release the Z10 without easy Google Calendar and Contact sync. To me that is one of the most important business tools. I now have limited one-way calendar sync in its most basic form from my laptop/PC to my Z10. I am taking a gamble that Blackberry will get their act together quickly. The stupidity is hard to understand. They must have their noses up the arses to do something like this.
    • Google sync

      Isn't Google deprecating ActiveSync except for Apps users? Could be why Blackberry weren't rushing to provide a feature many of its users would shortly lose? In any case my understanding was that Z10 did support GCalendar via CalDAV?
  • Z10 / Benefits

    My business requires me to pretty much "run it off the cell". With Z10 it is going to be so great! It is really a very small laptop. With my present BB I am able to do things on the fly and operate successfully. But, from what I have seen (youtube) and read in this article, I will not even need to get nailed down to my laptop as much as my "computer access" is on my belt. I can do everything I am doing now, and a lot more in a productive fashion with my new Z10. Everything about my business is computer / info related. I sell Vegas ebooks on every subject and travel as well, so instant response is the difference between up and down. Oh, by the way, did you sense I am excited!? :) hahahaha
    Don in Vegas
  • Touch Screens

    I wish there was an app for turning the touch screen function on and off on the Bold 9900 series phones. Don't need a touch screen on that phone and it's always running apps while in its holster because of the annoying touch screen.
  • "let me access my content and complete my daily Bible reading and devotion"

    I'm a christian as well but I'd never even think about daily bible reading, nor do my friends who are also mainly christian. Why do you consider this stubid bible app to be important to the average user? Why don't you come up with a Koran or a Tora or any other stupid religions book-app as well? LOL.
    Apart from that, I think BBOS10 is quite good, very similar to MeeGo on the Nokia N9 but rather related to the enterprise (BB balance etc.). As a private user, I'll probably still choose MeeGo (SailfishOS) in favor to BBOS10, but lets see what the future brings...
  • Let it die peacfully...

    Disclaimer: I used to be a big RIM/Blackberry supporter.

    The Z10 is far from ready. We've tested several Z10s and we come back with the same quality issues as with the old Torches, curves, and bolds. Constant lockups, mail delivery issues, bugs galore (especially with the browser) and a constant need for rebooting. These are what we see with Android BYOD's as well, but Blackberry was supposed to be better than that in the enterprise.

    iPhones and Windows Phones get it when it comes to the #1 reason for a smartphone in the workplace; mail. The EAS implementation on the Window Phone just works. No BES reactivation or ludicrous service book problems. EAS on the Z10 is as dependable as with an Android still running Froyo. Abysmal.

    We swapped over from BB to Windows/iPhones late last year and the response has been amazing. Our CIO was running a Z10 as a daily tester. It was unceremoniously ditched a week later. We asked for a replacement because it died constantly and couldn't perform easy tasks like, oh, you know... syncing mail. We gave 3 of the Z10's to field reps and they all asked for their Lumia 920's back. Our CEO (a very forward thinking man) requested to use a Z10. 2 days later he went back to his 920 (previously an iPhone and Galaxy Note user, too).

    The only positive reviews I see from REAL people are those that have been stuck in OS6/OS7 devices for so long that the Z10 looks great compared to those old bricks. Most people I see that love the Z10 haven't spent as much time on the other platforms as we have and don't have the sheer number of devices in their environment to really see a good pool of data.

    I try give Blackberry the benefit of the doubt for now, however. It's a new platform, but the bugs need to fleshed out faster. Right now, we see no benefit to moving backwards.
  • Like the James 2 bible versus

    Liked the app that showed the James 2 versus. On a similar note BB (blackberry RIM) to stay in business should not discriminate nor be stubborn like Apple (iphone). They should cater to all segments of the population with different screen sizes, price point and features. Also they should not wait for 2-5 years to release their next phone. Do what Samsung does. Every 6 to 8 months release a new phone with little better hardware and better software features. Cater to all and not just to business community or certain continent.