BlackBerry: Z10 sales deliver first day pop

BlackBerry: Z10 sales deliver first day pop

Summary: BlackBerry's Z10 launch was strong in Canada and company confirms solid U.K. sales.


BlackBerry issued a terse statement touting its first day launch of its Z10 smartphone.

Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, said:

In Canada, yesterday was the best day ever for the first day of a launch of a new BlackBerry smartphone. In fact, it was more than 50% better than any other launch day in our history in Canada. In the UK, we have seen close to three times our best performance ever for the first week of sales for a BlackBerry smartphone.

As noted on Tuesday, Wall Street analysts have been cautiously optimistic about the Z10 launch largely based on U.K. sales.

Analysts noted the following on the Z10 launch:  

  • Z10 (review) is in the discussion with Samsung's Galaxy SIII and Apple's iPhone 5 for now. 
  • There are sell-outs in the U.K. 
  • Reps are a bit mixed on the device and how it stacks up with the competition. 
  • The research notes about Z10 sales are based on traction in the U.K. primarily.

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  • Never count out the underdog!

    When I was first issued a BB (the Pearl), I hated it. But after using it for several weeks, I grew quite fond of the features. My current device is the 9810, and while I was anxiously awaiting the new platform to become available, I'm sticking with it until they introduce the equivalent of the 9810 on the new platform. My fingers are too "jumpy" to use a screen keyboard, and the only physical querty keyboard is offered in the form factor akin to the BB Bold. Introduce a "slider" on the new platform, and I am TOTALLY in!
    • Q10

      They are coming out with the Q10 which has a platform soon.
  • It'll be interesting to see how it develops.

    I'll be getting a new device in the next quarter and really interested how much choice there is... Should be some time for someone I know to buy one. currently it's looking like an android handset as this will also open the doors to FFOS and Ubuntu tinkering, plus apple have pretty efficiently shut down jailbreaking for now it seems, although waiting to hear from someone who lives with a windows phone; so far the desktop App Store has been something of a let down.
  • contradictions

    I literally JUST read an article stating basically the opposite of this one, that this has so far been a lack luster debut. Just goes to show that these early reports are basically worthless.
  • BB KING of the smartphones again!!!!

    Blackberry Z10 looks like a home run to me. Cannot believe they are waiting in the States until March to sell the Z10 and June to sell the Q10. This smartphone does it all. Love the BBM, multitasking, reconnected battery etc. I think we might have reawakened the giant. Good luck Heins I think your gonna pull this off.
    • Feature-wise, most smartphones have achieved parity, and in reality, most

      are overkill for most consumers who only need phone capabilities and texting and the social sites connections and web-email and perhaps a browser and an apps store for gaming and other time-wasting apps. Most smartphones already do that. Speed-wise, most people won't notice a difference, and what they will notice most of all, is the price of the devices and the prices of the service plans.

      What people perceive as top of the line now, will become second rate with the next release of the competitions newer model.

      This is all a game of "me too", and it's become too ridiculous to even pay attention anymore. A platform might have some advantages over others, but then, most people don't really care that much, since, their basic features are basically in parity amongst the biggest competitors.
  • Lack of keyboard not a problem

    As a person who always used a blackberry because i could not seem to make a touch keyboard work with out gnashing of teeth and hair pulling, I have to say that the z10 has the best touch bases keyboard I have ever used. I am very happy with mine and just need to learn to use all the new features. Way to go Blackberry.
  • Yes

    And for all of us who bought BlackBerry stock last fall when it was less than $7 a share and all the geeks were laughing at us... it's over $16 a share now, so we have more than doubled our money, tripled for some. No Obama says we have to pay our "fair share".
  • Dead

    Blackberry is dead in the water. Nothing worst than trying to set up email on a dud device and having to make sure your telco has the correct codes on your account for such an easy service. Ever since I saw the blackberry, customers have noted the device as a complete FAIL.
    • Liar

      Where are you facts? BlackBerry z10 is sold out in Canada and UK. Please note that many companies have banned your iphone and ipad running on os 6 and above from their servers. Apple will crumble soon.
  • Z10

    I have the new Z10 and have been using it for about a week and really like the features and speed. Unfortunely our company will have to change phone service to get on them, as Sprint does not sell the Z10