Blasting blackspots in Mt Isa: Photos

Blasting blackspots in Mt Isa: Photos

Summary: On Wednesday, NBN Co and Nextgen Networks commenced the first leg of the government's backhaul roll-out, which will battle Australia's connectivity blackspots.


Topics: NBN, Broadband, Government AU

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  • deja vu again

    It seems that Kruddman and Conboy have been digging themselves a hole for a couple of years. . .

    It must be 'bout time we filled it in.
  • more like brand new

    what you dont want to see those who do not have bb finally receive?

    kiss that telstra monopoly goodbye fanboi.
  • NBN

    1. Could someone put an article together explaining exactly why the cynical reportage of NBN?

    2. Fun to hang the Minister, but, really, the paranoia regarding the filter is just absurd given the level of democracy in this country compared to ...... anywhere.

    Clearly I am not even considering the ludicrous bias of News Ltd - owners of some reasonably high tech interests - jeopardising the fundamentals of democracy around the globe - all of it clearly identifiable, for decades.