Bletchley Park secures £600k funding

Bletchley Park secures £600k funding

Summary: The money from Milton Keynes council and English Heritage will help improve the infrastructure of the site of WWII code-breaking efforts

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The site of British code-breaking efforts during World War II is to get £600,000 from Milton Keynes Council and English Heritage.

The two bodies announced on Thursday that Bletchley Park, famous for its role in Allied codebreaking during WWII, would receive the funds over the next three years.

Speaking to ZDNet UK on Wednesday, Bletchley Park Trust director Simon Greenish welcomed the funding.

"This money will help put right the ravages of time," said Greenish. "We need to get the infrastructure sorted out."

Greenish said that the funds would be used to improve facilities including the roads; the drains, which on the site "only just function", according to Greenish; power supplies; and the clock tower, which Greenish is "concerned about from a structural point of view".

The huts in which mathematician Alan Turing and others worked on code-breaking will not receive any of the funds, said Greenish, as they form part of an application for funds from the National Lottery.

"Huts 3 and 6 will form part of a heritage lottery-fund application," said Greenish, who added that the buildings housing the National Museum of Computing were "in good order" compared with the rest of the site, and so were not such a priority. The National Museum of Computing houses a collection of computers which includes the rebuilt Colossus, used to break high-level German codes during the war.

Last year both IBM and PGP contributed funds of $100,000 between them, and called for other companies to donate money to repair the site. Greenish said at the time that the whole site would need up to £10m to become a world-class museum complex.

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  • Bravo !

    Excellent news.

    Bletchley is about 2 hours from mine, but we do try and get over there to see what they've been up and to put some gelt in the coffers. I was last over there on my birthday a week or so ago (seemed like a good excuse :-) and there have been some improvements in the state of repair since I was there before. Hopefully this new cash will enable yet another step forwards.

    Well done to MK council and English Heritage !!
    Andrew Meredith