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Michiel van Blommestein

Central Europe is becoming a hotbed for research and development for some of the world's largest companies. Michiel van Blommestein takes a look at this IT powerhouse in the heart of the continent.

Cloud Builders 24 articles

Alan Priestley

I'm blogging about how I see the cloud phenomenon progressing, and looking to engage in discussion with others in the industry.

Communication Breakdown 1,577 articles

David Meyer

Communications from the world of, er, communications. And other stuff.

Collaboration 2.0 424 articles

Oliver Marks

Real world collaboration strategies and tactics for enterprises.

Ray Wang

Constellation Research analyzes how disruptive technologies transform business models for an early adopter audience.

Consumerization: BYOD 251 articles

Ken Hess

There are no sacred cows to someone who believes that consumer devices and self-service IT are the keystones of the new business model. IT Apologist Ken Hess takes on Consumerization and bring your own device.

Beyond IT Failure 1,088 articles

Michael Krigsman

Michael Krigsman is a recognized authority on the causes and prevention of IT failures.