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Lucy Sherriff

News from the frontline of the weird and wonderful world of quantum computing. From the theoretical musings of solid state physicists to breakthroughs you might actually see in a data centre in your lifetime, we'll be keeping an eye on stuff that matters in materials science, including graphene, condensed matter, diamonds and so on. And last, but by no mean least, we'll be tracking the spin on spintronics. Just don't mention room temperature.

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Rupert Goodwins

Starting in 1996, before 'blog' was even a word, Rupert Goodwins has been writing dyspeptic, dramatic, disbelieving or delighted descriptions of daily life in IT journalism. Rupert's Diary is that collection, and will be updated until there are no more silly or splendid things happening in the world of digital technology - or the Rapture, whichever happens first. The smart money's on the Rapture.