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Keith Townsend and John Rhoton

Looking at datacenter developments and how they impact next-generation technologies and services including cloud computing, virtualization, software-defined networking, and other emerging capabilities.

SMB India 56 articles

Abhishek Baxi

The small means big business in India. Abhishek Baxi talks shop about what matters to India's small and midsize enterprises.

Tech Taiwan 16 articles

Chiu Yu-Tzu

Based in Taipei, Chiu Yu-Tzu looks at trending issues in Taiwan's enterprise technology industry.

Startup India 115 articles

Srinivas Kulkarni

Can Bangalore be the next Silicon Valley? Srinivas Kulkarni looks at what it will take for India to have a flourishing startup ecosystem.

Starting Up Asia 13 articles

Victoria Ho

Based in Singapore, Victoria Ho profiles startups in the country and across the Asian region, and highlights key issues driving the local communities.

ÜberTech 462 articles

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Sven Denecken, Christine Donato, Timo Elliott and Diarmuid Mallon

The cloud is redefining IT. The intersection of mobile, social, big data, analytics and cloud platforms allow IT leaders to innovate faster while managing their ongoing business challenges. See how the SAP experts interpret these latest trends at the ÜberTech blog.

The Full Tilt 258 articles


Stilgherrian delivers an undiluted dose of criticism and analysis of the ways digital technology is changing our world and the spin that goes with it. Mostly in words -- sometimes in audio or video formats -- always cynical. Incorporating the Patch Monday podcast.

Securify This! 115 articles

Michael Lee

Service Oriented 2,238 articles

Joe McKendrick

Service technology -- from SOA to cloud to IT service management -- promises many "-ilities": greater agility, flexibility, and reusability. Joe McKendrick explores the challenges and opportunities with service orientation, and how to capitalize on these emerging computing philosophies.

Small Talk 46 articles

Howard Lo

From bits-and-bytes to brick-and-mortar, entrepreneur Howard Lo looks at how tech impacts a small business.