Hilary Heuler

Hilary is an itinerant print and radio journalist who originally hails from Southern California. In recent years her travels have taken her to Europe, Asia and Africa, where she has reported on everything from techie innovations to antique riverboats. She is currently based in Kampala, Uganda, where she's busy swatting mosquitoes and keeping an eye on the ways technology can impact society.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford is the editor-in-chief of htxt.co.za, a South African tech blog that covers issues from around the country and the continent beyond. Based in Johannesburg but originally from the UK, he's written for most of the major technology publishers over the last 17 years, covering everything from PC gaming to photography to Linux to open data and emerging tech markets.

Latest Posts

Mimecast plots European, US expansion as it preps IPO

South African entrepreneurs Peter Bauer and Neil Murray plan to take their UK-based cloud provider Mimecast public to expand in territories including Europe. In the process, they plan to build on what they've learned during South Africa's IT boom and bust of the 1990s.

October 5, 2012 by Lance Harris