2008 MacBook Pro concept

2008 MacBook Pro concept

Summary: The MacBook Pro is due for a re-design, this much we know. But is this the new professional notebook from Apple?


The MacBook Pro is due for a re-design, this much we know. But is this the new professional notebook from Apple?

2008 MacBook Pro or clever fake?

The picture above surfaced in an a Digg submission purportedly of a "new ad" (a version also appeared on NeoWin) and is hosted on an anonymous pictures hosting site, so I wouldn't hold my breath. But it does resemble some pics that were posted on MacRumors forums thread earlier this month.

Some people find the more rounded MBP design to look cheap, but I like it. I'd like it more if it shipped with a Blu-Ray drive though.

The conventional wisdom is that the MBP update will be released on 16 September 2008. The logic is that it's the Tuesday right after Apple's current Back-to-School promotion ends and it falls within the third quarter when Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer alluded to a "product transition."

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Update: As clindhartsen noted in the TalkBack the "ad" is actually a concept created by halfwayglad on DeviantArt...

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  • Quick Note...

    To note, the "ad" is a concept created by this user on DeviantArt...

  • Don't know, but we will find out on 9/16

    I would say though, it does look sleek and sexy.
  • I'll go for fake

    While I'd be delighted to see the Mag Latch I
    think that this one is a fake, based on my
    belief that Apple will take some design
    clues from the MBA. This one looks more
    like a MacBook with the case changed.
  • RE: 2008 MacBook Pro or clever fake?

    To reply to myself, I love how you guys already changed the name of the article, making this nothing more than fluff to fill in space.
  • RE: Blu-Ray

    We don't need no stinking Blu-Ray!! ;-)
    Arm A. Geddon
  • Hope it's not

    They better not get rid of any more ports like they did on the Air. We want Style and Substance, not Style over Substance. And they should get rid of the scratchable, dentable aluminum cases for space age carbon fibre.
  • RE: 2008 MacBook Pro or clever fake?

    Seems logical design upgrade, thinner, aluminum to help
    with heat dissipation, a fatter, faster brother to MBA with all
    the ports. Makes sense. But what about MacBooks?
  • RE: 2008 MacBook Pro or clever fake?

    Unfortunately we can't see beyond what is on top, keyboard/trackpad area, front and right side so what total ports are there or not cannot be determined from just these images.
    I don't real opinion about the missing physical latch in this version of the MacBook Pro so that latching system will be like the MacBook. Also I don't an opinion about the rounder design but I think it will be easier to hold. The keyboard is so "retro", back to the days of the TiBook but with the back lighting of the MacBook Air I think I can get used to it again.
    The real nice touch is the glass trackpad.