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Jason O'Grady is a journalist and author specializing in mobile technology. He has published six books on Apple and mobile gadgets and his PowerPage blog has been publishing for over 18 years.

David Morgenstern

David Morgenstern has covered the Mac market and other technology segments for 20 years.

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How to get video onto your iPhone (and iPod)

One thing that I've been remiss at using on iPhone is video. With the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (which I purchased for "reaserch" when the iTunes Store began selling movies) and an episode each of 30 Rock and The Dave Chappelle Show my iPods and now my iPhone have pretty much remained devoid of video content.

July 13, 2007 by

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iPhone Diary Day 13: Keyboard tricks

If iPhone's screen is its most revolutionary feature, then the on-screen, virtual keyboard has to be the most controversial.The keyboard gets plenty of criticism for not working in landscape mode (in applications other than Safari) and for being difficult to use for people with big thumbs - but I'm sure that it will improve as time goes on.

July 10, 2007 by