Jason D. O'Grady

Jason O'Grady is a journalist and author specializing in mobile technology. He has published six books on Apple and mobile gadgets and his PowerPage blog has been publishing for over 18 years.

David Morgenstern

David Morgenstern has covered the Mac market and other technology segments for 20 years.

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Apple subnotebook needed

If blogs are any indication, there's a clear and strong demand for an Apple subnotebook/ultra-portable which is popularly defined as a notebook computer weighing less than four pounds typically without an optical drive.In addition to the almost constant rumors about a new Apple subnotebook, Apple enjoyed strong sales of the 12-inch PowerBook G4 - which is still revered by many as one of Apple's best portable form-factors.

May 16, 2007 by


Cool Apple II t-shirt

The Chop Shop has created a Mac-based t-shirt that is supremely cool. The t-shirt pictured at right is its an Apple II disassembled into a model template, on the reverse is the re-assembled Mac.

May 14, 2007 by

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Yep - The iPhoto for PDFs

How many times how you downloaded a PDF file only to lose it within a week into the oblivion known as your hard drive? It doesn't help that PDFs (downloaded ones especially) almost never have human readable naming conventions.

May 9, 2007 by