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Jason O'Grady is a journalist and author specializing in mobile technology. He has published six books on Apple and mobile gadgets and his PowerPage blog has been publishing for over 18 years.

David Morgenstern

David Morgenstern has covered the Mac market and other technology segments for 20 years.

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Treo 755p not much of an upgrade

Palm has released a successor to the Treo 700p (my current phone) called the 755p (US$279 w/Sprint contract). While it's promising that Palm still appears to be committed to the Palm OS platform, its not much of an upgrade.

May 9, 2007 by


Microsoft patches iPod data corruption flaw in Vista

According to a knowledge base article (#936824) posted yesterday on Microsoft's Help and Support Web site, Vista's Eject command doesn't work with properly with a connected iPod and can cause data corruption (see Techmeme discussion): The Safely Remove Hardware feature and the Windows Explorer "Eject" command do not work correctly with an Apple iPod that is connected to a Windows Vista-based computer Consider the following scenario.

May 8, 2007 by


Apple bows to 'green' pressure; divulges LED plans

Apple posted a statement to their hot news Web site yesterday responding to vocal environmental critics Greenpeace, Inc. In A Greener Apple, Steve Jobs provides an update on the state of Apple's environmental record, identifying "how far along Apple actually is in removing toxic chemicals from its products and recycling its older products.

May 2, 2007 by


iWeb update sorely needed

One of the biggest omission from Macworld Expo in January was lack of iLife and iWork updates. Apple has been updating their software suites annually in January, but decided to skip iLife and iWork '07 at Expo in lieu of a large iPhone splash.

April 30, 2007 by


Battery Update 1.2 released

Apple yesterday released Battery Update 1.2 (244kb) which "updates battery firmware and improves battery functionality" for the following Apple notebooks:MacBookMacBook (Late 2006)MacBook Pro (15-inch)MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy)MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo)MacBook Pro (17-inch)MacBook Pro (17-inch Core 2 Duo)The update requires Mac OS X 10.

April 29, 2007 by