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Jason O'Grady is a journalist and author specializing in mobile technology. He has published six books on Apple and mobile gadgets and his PowerPage blog has been publishing for over 18 years.

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David Morgenstern has covered the Mac market and other technology segments for 20 years.

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10 reasons why pre-announcing the iPhone was brilliant

Yesterday I posted a story by Mike Elgan at Computerworld who listed six reasons why it was a mistake to make the iPhone keynote at Macworld. Although pre-announcing a new product is a radical departure for Apple, there is some logic to it in this case. Here are 10 reasons why announcing the iPhone six months early was a stroke of genius by Steve Jobs...

January 22, 2007 by


Was the iPhone keynote a mistake?

Via Slashdot: jcatcw writes "Mike Elgan at Computerworld lists six reasons why it was a mistake to make the iPhone keynote at Macworld. He argues that extremely high expectations can only lead to disappointment for consumers and investors.

January 21, 2007 by


Apple mulling charging for Boot Camp

Apple's Boot Camp software which allows you to boot into a full-blown Windows environment (on a partition) may soon be going pay-for-play. The software which has been in perennial beta testing since its launch on 5 April, 2006 is currently hovering at version 1.1.2b.

January 21, 2007 by


iPhone's pseudo-HD display

I was going to save this for my second installment of iPhones missing features, Crave beat me to it (damn Cravers!) Another huge iPhone oversight, although it's probably due to technical reasons, is that it doesn't have a High Definition (16:9) display.

January 18, 2007 by


iPhone = muggable?

Not that I want to give the criminal element any ideas or anything, but Crave, CNet's gadget blog, has posted a story today calling the iPhone one of Apple's most "muggable" devices.

January 18, 2007 by