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Jason O'Grady is a journalist and author specializing in mobile technology. He has published six books on Apple and mobile gadgets and his PowerPage blog has been publishing for over 18 years.

David Morgenstern

David Morgenstern has covered the Mac market and other technology segments for 20 years.

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Thermal grease theory

There's a theory making the rounds that the MacBook Pro's high temperatures are attributed to a misapplication of "thermal grease" that's applied to the CPU and GPU chips during the manufacturing process.

April 30, 2006 by


Bigger = cheaper

I can deal with the fact that the 17-inch MacBook Pro has some features that the 15-inch model doesn't have (FireWire 800, 8x double-layer burner) but I am baffled by Apple's pricing model for the MBP17 nicknamed "riot shield."

April 25, 2006 by


Put your Mac on a diet

This week's pseudo-theme of Mac maintenance reminds me of a story. Back during the Internet bubble when I was a principal at a Web development shop, a customer called my partner and asked him if her computer had enough "meggers." That term still brings a smile to my face.

April 18, 2006 by

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