A great reason to jailbreak: tethering

A great reason to jailbreak: tethering

Summary: Everyone probably remembers the mythical NetShare iPhone tethering app that was released briefly by NullRiver. It vanished from the App Store at the end of July when Apple pulled it without explanation.


A great reason to jailbreak: tetheringEveryone probably remembers the mythical NetShare iPhone tethering app that was released briefly by NullRiver. It vanished from the App Store at the end of July when Apple pulled it without explanation. Apple and AT&T are rumored to be discussing tethering, but as of yet no plans have been announced.

Another iPhone tethering solution exists today – but you have to jailbreak your iPhone to get it. If you're still reading and not scared of jailbreaking your iPhone, check out PDAnet for iPhone.

  1. JB your iPhone (I recommend QuickPwn 1.1 from the iPhone Dev Team)
  2. Launch Cydia and search for "PDAnet"
  3. Download and install it


Launching PDAnet turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router/base station/access point which you can connect to from any computer (Mac or Windows). Then just surf wirelessly from your MacBook using the 3G network on the iPhone.

Some caveats. According to Rob Parker on Ep92 of the PowerPage Podcast (iTunes link) "you can literally watch the battery icon go down" while using PDAnet. Also, keep in mind that PDAnet is a JB application that isn't exactly embraced by Apple. Expect them to make it difficult for PDAnet and get it while you can (wink, wink).

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  • Nokia: No Jailbreaking Required

    [url=http://www.opentoanything.com/]Open to Anything.[/url]

    So much so, in fact Nokia has put Symbian into open source.

    What kind of smartphone doesn't allow you to tether?
    If you ask me, that's just dumb.

    Here's a [url=http://www.dtschmitz.com/dts/2008/09/nokia-n95n96-still-the-best-smartphone-of-all.html]link[/url] to one of my articles listing some of the things you can do with a Nokia N95 without any hassle.

    You pay more up front for a Nokia, but hey, it works as advertised.
    D T Schmitz
  • simple?

    [i] Simple![/i]

    actually, no. this is yet another example of apple's inferior USER EXPERIENCE. windows mobile devices don't require you to void your warranty and modify your phone in a way that makes it incompatible with future updates. that isn't simple, that is complicated.
  • *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    [url=http://www.dtschmitz.com/dts/2008/10/noteworthy-nokia-unveils-touch-screen-phone.html]This[/url] just in.

    Details at 11pm.

    Put that in your schmoke and pipe it Apple. ;)
    D T Schmitz
  • a great reason not to get an iphone

    this and the inability to use a spare battery or play stereo bluetooth, or watch and listen to all of that internet goodness on flash . .what other holes am I missing here?
    Amazing what important features some people will do without for a little eye candy and style. My htc and alltel give me all that, tethering works great - 2 megabit on a good signal and surfing is sweet on Skyfire beta, full web pages with easy magnification, youtube and other flash based video and podcasts

    I'd never downgrade to an iphone, maybe when they have all, that because I can see the other advantages
  • Another great reason not to bother with the iPhraud

    I'm currently using my Verizon LG Voyager to connect, via their 3G network, to my Slingbox SOLO at home, and watching the MLB playoffs on my iPaq 200 Enterprise. LIVE.

    Oops...sorry, just changed channels to the Golf Channel. ;-)

    I can also connect my Dell laptop through the phone to do the same thing.

    And if the phone battery runs down after 6 or 8 hours of 3G connection, I just pop in the spare extended battery, and have hours more viewing enjoyment, without having to find a charger.

    Try that with your iPhraud.
  • Heh,

    ... and people think Microsoft is evil...
  • RE: A great reason to jailbreak: tethering

    You know, I really have no idea why they're not supporting
    tethering with AT&T....
    It can't be a "network load" issue since people are less likely to
    tether with an iPhone than they would with any other tetherable
    device (like almost any other 3G device out there...). I've had a
    Moto V3xx and needed to tether because the builtin internet apps
    sucked so badly.. with the iPhone, I just don't bother tethering the
    V3xx most of the time. Note: the v3XX gives me about 1Mbit per
    second transport most of the time.. so it's dang fast.
  • RE: A great reason to jailbreak: tethering

    i wanna ask a queastion, someone told me that once the
    iPhone is jailbroken, u can't update Apple updates, is
    that correct!? if so, why?