All your MacBook questions answered

All your MacBook questions answered

Summary: Macworld magazine has done a respectable job breaking down all of the questions you might have about Apple's new consumer portable in their MacBook FAQ.


mcbook.jpgMacworld magazine has done a respectable job breaking down all of the questions you might have about Apple's new consumer portable in their MacBook FAQ.

In it Jonathan Seff and Jason Snell detail almost every aspect of the new portable from the price to the color to the expensive black paint. Some of the best parts are about the new screen and keyboard. My personal favorite entry is about the controversial GMA950 (integrated) graphics:

This is a consumer laptop, and as a result Apple has made some technological sacrifices. One is the MacBook’s lack of a graphics chip with dedicated video RAM. It’s the same graphics as you’ll find in the Mac mini. For most tasks, you probably won’t notice the lack of a video card at all—but if you try to play a 3-D game, you’ll see the difference. And the MacBook’s Core Duo processor can overcome many of the limitations of its graphics system. For example, we played back numerous 1080p high-definition videos with nary a hiccup on both the 1.83GHz and 2.0GHz models. And don’t forget that the MacBook improves on the resolution of the models it replaces.

One important topic not addressed in the Macworld FAQ concerns the heat generated by the new MacBook. Users of the MacBook Pro have raised the question as to whether the MacBook suffers from the same high temperatures as the Pro model. I'm sure that the temperature issue will shake out over the next few weeks.

One thing I still can't get used to is the name, MacBook sounds like something that comes in a Happy Meal. I guess that if Steve Jobs isn't going to bundle his plastic Pixar toys with McDonald's food, there's little or no chance of a MacBook tie in. (McBook picture courtesy

What do you think off the name MacBook? What do you think Apple will call the new Intel desktop Mac? 

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  • Core-duo Desktop Series

    How about "MacBlock" or "MacBrick".
    PS I love my MacBook Pro and it is definitly runinng cooler after the
    firmware update.
  • MacBook is a clever name if you know the history

    Apple came up with laptop and that became ubiquitous, so
    Wintel came up with notebook and that denotes Wintel.

    Now, the MacBook steals the show from the Notebook but those
    that know notebook as a Wintel product now know it as a Mac
    product and inspires confidence.

    The PowerMac replacement? It might be a CoreMac, it might be
    the MacWork, it might be the DuoMac... or the MacIntel? Nah.

    Well, brand naming isn't my business is it?
  • So far I still can't get used to

    these wonderful products having such trivial monikers. Personally, I
    really did like 'PowerBook' (as it stares back at me) as, to me, it
    sounded 'important'. Special. And for the last 11 years, all of mine
    have been. The iBook name certainly worked as well for me, as it
    had a decidedly 'consumer-friendly' sound to it. As I often say to
    others: "Get over it and get on with it" -- so I will.
  • i call it powerbook...

    ...and you're free to do so, too.
    just like i call it the football stadium, rather than (corporate
    sponsor) field....
  • RE: All your MacBook questions answered

    I want to know if the magsafe power adaptor for the
    MacBook charges the Macbook while its in use, or if it
    will only charge when it's not on.