Analyst: Apple tablet to arrive in spring for $1k

Analyst: Apple tablet to arrive in spring for $1k

Summary: Today's rumor about the enigma known as The Apple Tablet says that we'll see the device in March or April 2010.


Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner released a note to clients this morning stating that Apple will ship a 10.1-inch touch-screen tablet in spring 2010 for around $1,000.
Based on discussions with his supply-chain contacts Reiner claims that the forthcoming Apple tablet will use a Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS) LCD – like the one in the iPhone - instead of the more expensive Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display as was previously rumored.

Other "tidbits" from Reiner's report:

  • Apple has been approaching U.S. book publishers with what Reiner describes as "a very attractive proposal" for distributing their content: an App Store-type 30/70 split (30% for Apple) with no exclusivity requirement.
  • According to Reiner, publishers are disgruntled by Amazon's terms, which force exclusivity, disallow advertising and demand a "wolfish cut" of revenue. The typical Kindle/publisher split, he says, is 50/50, rising to 30/70 if Amazon gets exclusivity.
  • Apple's tablet would make ebooks more attractive for the education market by simplifying functions such as scribbling marginalia.

Reiner also writes that Apple will manufacture as many as one million units per month and that the launch date will be sometime in March or April 2010.

It's just one analyst's opinion, but it contains a couple of new wrinkles about the enigma known as The Apple Tablet that we haven't seen before.

Tip: Fortune via Wired

Concept photo: Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

Topics: Laptops, Apple, Hardware, Mobility, Tablets

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  • I am sure it will be a fine device, given

    Apple's track record. But the price - ouch. I assume it will do a lot more than "reading" books however, which is a plus. I still think the PC (non-Apple) world should be able to come up with something equivalent for half the price or less, and I still don't know if I could live without a proper keyboard on a multifunction device. If true, this one will be interesting to follow.
    • It's not too bad for a first generation (for them) product

      as long as it runs full blown OS X. If it runs a crippled OS like iPhone OS (I've heard rumors of such, but of course everything about this tablet is rumor) then it would be overpriced by a lot.
      Michael Kelly
  • Another iFlop story

    Apple is going to invent the tablet PC in 2010 however just like the Newton and Apple TV, no one will care.

    Sorry it's not a fashionable music device Apple, you can't win this one.

    *forgot the t*
    • in 2010 Apple will invent reading!

      Apple will invent reading in 2010 and reading will be cool. As we all know reading does not exist yet.
      I am preparing my $1000.
    • Another very Positive(-) thinker and Apple basher

      There is always a majority who go for the cheap, and yes they use copied item and mediocre gadgets, tools.

      But should have some self esteem to accept when somebody or a company is trying ti innovate and excels.
  • How many more rumor stories

    Will ZDnet have on this?

    I'll believe it when I see it.
  • And when the battery goes south...

    ...well you know the rest. ;-)
    • yes we do...

      you will have to remove 2 or 3 screws to replace
      it. the horror!
      • Or have to send it back to Apple and pay through the nose. (nt)

    • Add suggestion

      It is a true statement, but do you have any suggestion!
  • for $1000? No thanks.

    Maybe that JooJoo thing doesn't look so bad after all.
    For $1000 (if that is the correct price) this thing had
    better be a full blown computer running full OSX.
  • no matter how good it is . . .

    At that price it will be another niche product designed to appeal to the wealthy or the buy anything Apple crowd. If it does not run a full OS X but turns out to be just a magazine reader I can't see it going over so I'm guessing it will run a full OS AND be a fancy reader. It will probably look very beautiful and I could imagine myself being tempted by such a beauty but alas, a thousand bucks will stop me cold. So it looks like Apple wants to make a boatload of profit on each one and sell it to yuppies - same old plan
    • You make it sound....

      Like selling high end, niche items to people with the means and willingness to pay for it was a bad thing or something ;)
      • not bad but unlike iPhone/iPod

        Those devices revolutionized their markets by being both great and accessible. If Jobs wants to save the print publishing industry like he did the music industry I think he'll need to sell something for far less than a grand. But maybe that's not the plan at all. Just thinking out loud.
        • If it's just a reader

          Who would want it? Nobody at $1000. So it's pretty safe to assume it'll be much more than that.

          For kicks and giggles. I went back to some blogs from oh January 2007 (the month Apple announced the iPhone) wow, there are those amusing "What about the Newton" comments and such. Some people never learn. Oh what the hell, here is the link, enjoy:
  • Ah, the crystal ball thingy rides again, however...

    If this pans out I'd hazard the guess that NonZealot, LoveRock etc will be first in line outside an Apple store to get one of the first of these mythical beasts.
  • How about more information?

    Another rumour.

    If this device is going to exist could we find out whether it's multitouch, lets you use a stylus (seems basic I know but you can't do it with an iPhone) and runs a full OS - even that warmed over BSD masquerading as OS/X.

    On the Windows side, HD multitouch displays with integrated computer running Win 7 are appearing now for well under $1000 and it's a very short step to make a tablet from these.
    • Of course you can use a Stylus with the iPhone.

      Why, pray tell, do you think there are none or do you just know nothing
      about OS X (What I really suspect)?

      That said, I don't see a mass market for Tablets and that explains why
      MS has consistently flopped in that area. I don't see these non-existent
      rumored iTablets being much different.
  • Apple doesn't need a market

    They create them. When was the last time you saw an advertisment for a tablet computer, much less a slick and interesting one? Apple has the power to get the word out with style and make anything look good. Also, given the insane popularity of the iPhone, it's pretty safe to assume people are tuned in to Apple's products and will surely look at a tablet.

    And that $1000 price point won't last long. They use that to see just how much people will want the thing, and then after 3 months they drop it to $800 and the thing explodes.

    Technical features asside, I'm pretty sure this will be the device everyone never knew they needed.
  • RE: Analyst: Apple tablet to arrive in Spring for $1k

    Like any company that innovates and takes risks Apple has
    had it's share of 'failures' though its success rate has been
    nothing short of phenomenal. The Newton was a success,
    it was just too far ahead of the curve (and as a result too
    expensive for a PDA). When Jobs came back to Apple he
    saw it competing against hundred dollar Palms and rightly
    killed it. The iPhone is the Newton reincarnated and done
    well. Apple TV has also been ahead of the curve in that the
    FCC hasn't opened up the regulations necessary to make a
    true digital hub possible.
    As for Microsoft's failures with a tablet, well, one word:
    Windows. Microsoft just doesn't have the wherewithal visa
    vis design and panache to pull off a good hardware effort.
    Whereas Apple took a look at smart phones and while
    nearly all the pundits predicted a weak niche showing
    Apple grabbed a 30 point share overnight and is still
    defining the genre. Same goes for mp3 players. The
    'innovation' Apple brings to the table is two fold. Firstly,
    they provide the best user experience bar none. Secondly,
    they extend that user experience into a friendly ecosystem
    that supports the user's decisions and on going buying
    experience. iTunes is as much the single largest distributor
    of music and videos as it a friendly ecosystem for the user.
    Apple should never be underestimated in their ability to
    provide these things, regardless of the venue in which they
    choose to compete. Will they be competing with the
    current line up of tablets? Probably not as they will re-
    define the market, the need, the desire to use one. Will it
    succeed where others have failed? No, because it will as
    stated re define the market rather than attempt to compete
    in the existing venue, much as they did with both the iPod
    and iPhone.