Anatomy of a death hug

Anatomy of a death hug

Summary: iLounge reports that holding the Verizon iPhone 4 horizontally (with two hands) results in attenuation of the Wi-Fi signal.


First it was the death grip, now here comes the death hug. iLounge reports that holding the Verizon iPhone 4 horizontally (with two hands) results in attenuation of the Wi-Fi signal.

Here we go... (again?)

Topics: Verizon, Smartphones, Wi-Fi

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  • RE: Anatomy of a death hug

    Get a case, people.....
    • There was *nothing* wrong to fix in iPhone 4 antenna from the beginning

      iPhone 4 was designed this way intentionally (that is why there were "bumpers" from the very beginning of sales of this phone), there is no "mistake" to "fix it", so comment in the video about "fix" or lack of is stupid.<br><br>Position of lower left physical separator (which sometimes might cause "death grip") between antenna's did not change, so the "problem" is not going away.<br><br><b>The only thing changed is that cellular antenna got bigger to take into account lower frequency range that CDMA networks start with (the lower the frequency, the bigger antenna has to be).</b>Of course, this change may result in change of the way "death grip" can be registered, but fundamentally it is the same.<br><br>Anyway, that "death grip" problem occurs to every phone and it much more depends on hand being around antenna, than on shorting two antennas. Yet outer design of antennas allows iPhone 4 to be time more sensitive than previous iPhone as well as any other phone with smaller internal antenna construction (AnandTech tested and confirmed that data/voice channel is kept actually alive in as low signal as -121 dB comparing to usual -114 dB).
  • This is almost laughable.

    Guess what? Does this story mark the beginning of ZDNet's obsession with Huggygate?
  • Figures...

    They had to have something to complain about. All those people that HAD to have the iPhone on Verizon, but not without something to complain about.

    I've had iPhones since the very beginning. Yes, I was one of those silly Apple fanboys outside of my local AT&T store at 5 am waiting in line for my original iPhone and I've upgraded every time since. I like technology and I like Apple even better. Honestly, the iPhone 4 is the best iPhone yet. It's faster, brighter, sharper and more powerful. It also gets better signal in my area than my previous 3GS. And guess what? I can hold the iPhone with my hands wrapped around the entire thing and never once does the signal even flicker.

    I'm sure though that if you hold it a CERTAIN way that is JUST right to cover the EXACT spot of some special 2mm point on some antenna contact you'll see your signal flicker.

    Solution? DON'T HOLD IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for goodness sake, get a case. Everyone complains that they have to have a case. But why wouldn't you? They make such nice cases that don't really affect the size and appearance of the phone that it's almost more foolish NOT to have a case.

    Or, another idea, don't use an iPhone. There are literally thousands of other handsets on the market. Find one you like that is absolutely perfect for you and what you do and what you want and buy it. Heck, buy 10 of them so if one breaks you'll have a spare. Then, you'll always have the perfect handset.

  • Here we go again...

    I wonder how long it will take for the frothing at the mouth ABAers to start on this rumor...
    • RE: Anatomy of a death hug

      @athynz <br><br>This is all very funny <img border="0" src="" alt="happy"><br><br>I just got my iPhone 4 and also tested the grip of death.<br><br>What I established is that it is not anything to do with contact with the metal - which is exactly what I expected. So all of those posts about Apple's bad design were complete garbage.<br><br>Putting the antenna on the outside is not at all an issue.<br><br>Unsurprisingly - if you cover enough of the antenna you will attenuate the signal. WOW!!! a signal can be blocked by a substance that absorbs RF radiation. The iPhone obeys the laws of Physics.<br><br>So my iPhone 4 performs like my iPhone 3, and like my Sony Ericsson K750i.<br><br>Conveniently I have a low signal point at the corner of my desk - just left of my keyboard - this is how I can get the signal drop effect to show up.<br><br>And just out of interest I tried it again - I tried the grip of death and got the opposite result.<br><br>I have just found that if you contact the bottom and top metal parts with some distance between the contact points you can improve the signal. This is also not suprising. It is quite easy to add to the antenna with your body - to block the antenna with your body is possible but much more difficult.<br><br>Apple - I want a free bumper - it is not necessary for my Phone to work - but I like free stuff <img border="0" src="" alt="happy"><br><br>Unfortunately the bumper will probably reduce the beneficial effects of the user on the antenna - but it will keep my phone safer.

      All of this shows up the poor testing methodology of the reports criticising the antenna design. A human can affect the signal in many ways. To properly report on those effects you need not just a number - you need a 3D plot of the response to each possible way the user could be holding the phone - which is quite a lot of data.

      I think you would find that a proper analysis of the effect of the user on an iPhone 4 would show many ways in which the antenna design increases performance and the interaction with the user adds to that increase.

      To find 1 way in which a user can block the signal is pretty lame.