Another week another Apple announcement

Another week another Apple announcement

Summary: Apple's got another press event planned for this week, their third in just over a month. The announcement promises "Apple’s latest pro innovations" but what does that mean?


Macworld is reporting that Apple's media event on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 will be to unveil "Apple’s latest pro innovations" but what does that mean? It could mean that Apple will round out their hardware offerings and announce upgraded PowerMacs and PowerBooks (the conventional wisdom) but the locale is suspicious. 

Apple's press conference this week is being held on the eve of the PhotoPlus Expo in New York, not in Cupertino or San Jose. So why the extra travel expenses? PhotoPlus Expo bills itself as "the largest and the most comprehensive expo in the photographic and imaging industries." Hmmm...

Another line of thinking is that Apple is planning to announce something photo/imaging-related, perhaps software. iPhoto, Final Cut and iMovie updates could be announced but it seems unlikely given the fact that PowerBook and PowerMacs are in desperate need of upgrades. And then there's Photo Booth.

Pro hardware is much more likely and I'm pretty sure that Apple will announce dual or quad-core PowerMac G4 desktops that finally break the 3GHz barrier and PowerBooks powered by the new Freescale MPC7448 processor with 1MB level 2 backside cache. PowerBooks will likely receive 1.7 - 2.0GHz processors and pick up dual-layer Superdrives. Steve Jobs has proclaimed 2005 to be "the year of HD" so high-definition displays in the 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks is a distinct possibility. We'll find out in 48 hours...

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  • Stereolithography for home users!

    Make your own plastic crap items in the comfort of your own home! iModel lets you purchase and download model files for hundreds of useful knick-knacks. Great for Xmas (especially last-minute) presents. Here's that choo-choo train that you saw on the internet, grandson . . . ;)
    Roger Ramjet
  • Thank God!

    Hope this finally means the PowerBook line will be significantly upgraded, enough to warrant a new purchase on my part.

    Also of note, what's going on with "Vingle", Apple's new trademark that is covered here:
    tic swayback
  • Will Tic finally have a G5 PowerBook?

    Tic, take your meds now, your whines about no new G5 PowerBook
    make me cry. ;-)

    Just to add a little perspective, please contribute to Pakistan
    charities, those folks need help big time.
    • Get ready for a hissy fit

      I don't necessarily need a G5 powerbook, I just want a notebook
      that's significantly better than what's already offered me by the
      iBook line at half the price.
      tic swayback
  • Tic won't be that happy

    While I think Apple will release 10.4.3 and a dual core G5 for the
    PowerMac I don't think the PBs will go G5 or dual core G4s from
    Freescale. The dual core G4 has a better chance than the G5, but
    only if Freescale is delivering (and that is an old song) and Apple
    can move up with minimum engineering resources. Mactels are
    probably consuming too many resources for any significant
    improvements until the Mactels are ready.
    • Laptops are more than half of their business

      I'd expect to see more emphasis given to the PowerBook line, solely
      because laptops now make up more than 60% of Apple's hardware
      sales. Also, the PowerMacs were last upgraded in late April, while
      the PowerBooks have been static since January.
      tic swayback
  • dual or quad-core PowerMac G4 desktops

    They meant G5 not g4! Need better zd journalist.
    Reverend MacFellow
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