Apple announces new PowerBooks, PowerMacs; Aperture

Apple announces new PowerBooks, PowerMacs; Aperture

Summary: NEW YORK -- I'm at the Jacob Javits center in Manhattan live blogging the Apple media event here today.


NEW YORK -- I'm at the Jacob Javits center in Manhattan live blogging the Apple media event here today.

On stage is  David Moody, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Mac Product Marketing. "We have a number of announcements today, both hardware and software."

David begins by talking about the Mac OS platform for photographers:
- Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
- Core image
- Color Sync
- Automater


1. Two new PowerBooks are announced:

PowerBook 15": 1440 x 960 (26% more resolution), 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
PowerBook 17": 1680 x 1050 (36% more resolution), 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
The new PowerBook 17" now has the same resolution as Apple 20" Cinema Display.

The new 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks feature:
- 8x SuperDrives with double-layer support, standard
- 22% greater battery life (an extra hour of run time)
- Native support for the Apple 30" Cinema Display


The new 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks feature:
- 8x SuperDrives with double-layer support, standard
- 22% greater battery life (an extra hour of run time)
- Native support for the Apple 30" Cinema Display

The new 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks are available with 100 and 120GB (5400RPM) hard drives and up to 2GB of SDRAM as built-to-order options.

The PowerBook 12" (1.5GHz) remains the same but is available with a 100GB/5400RPM hard drive and up to 1.25GB of RAM as built-to-order options.

PowerBook prices were also lowered:
12" - $1,499
15" - $1,999
17" - $2,499
All three models are available now.


2. The PowerMac G5 Dual is announced:
- Single dual-core PowerPC G5 processor
- 512MB of 533MHz DDR2 SRAM, expandable to 16GB
- Up to 1TB of hard drive space
- PCI Express architecture
- Mighty mouse and Apple keyboard included
- 2.0GHz (US$1,999)
- 2.3GHz (US$2,499)
- Shipping now

New graphics options are available:
- NVIDIA GeForce 6600 with 256MB RAM, standard
- NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT with 256MB RAM (optional)
- NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 with 512MB RAM (optional)

Other notes:
- NVIDIA's Quadro FX 4500 is the fastest workstation graphics card
- Drives the Apple 30" Cinema Display
- PCI Express Architecture can drive up to four Quadro FX 4500s at once (16 million pixels)


3. The PowerMac G5 Quad is announced:
- Two dual-core 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 processors
- Four processor cores
- Eight floating point units
- Four Velocity engines
- Four 1MB L2 Caches
- 76.6 Gigaflops
- US$3,299
- Shipping in November

4. New pricing on the 23" (US$1299) and 30" (US$2499) Apple Cinema displays.

"But that's just the warm up act..."

5. Apple announces the first all-in-one post production application for photographers, called Aperture.


Rob Schoeben, Apple's Vice President of Applications Marketing is on stage to talk about Aperture.

"Embrace digital while honoring the past"
"Raw as easy as JPEG"
"The image is the hero"

Powerful Compare and Select Tools
- Stacks, groups photos based on the time interval between exposures
- Full-screen workspace
- Filmstrip view
- Multi-image viewer
- Digital loupe magnifying tool built-in
- Light table built-in (free form space for mockups)

Non-Destructive Image Processing
- Essential adjustment
- Non-destructive workflow
- Powerful versioning

Versatile Printing and Publishing
- Consistent Predictable Color
- Print options
- Custom Web and Book Publishing
- One-click publishing to dot Mac and FTP


First live demo of Aperture
- Stacking
- Loupe
- Light table
- All images in the demo were shot with a Nikon D2X (12 MB, RAW)

Image Retouching
- Isolation
- Non-destructive image editing "it's not undo, it's never did" (laughs)
- Demoing the light table
- Batch re-touching
- Web authoring in the application
- Decide which meta data appears
- US$499
- Available November 2005
- Demos in the Apple booth and theatre at PhotoPlus Expo

Videos of the pros using Aperture:
- Joe Buissink, professional photographer
- Richard Burbridge, fashion photographer
- Heinz Kluetmeier, Sports photographer with over 100 Sports Illustrated covers to his credit: "Aperture blew me away"

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  • The new Power Mac should tie people over and well through the Intel switch.

    That is some serious horsepower there, FOUR processing units and 16GBs of RAM. That's well enough power to justify the purchase of a PPC Mac even if the Intel Macs will be here in a year or so.

    As for the PowerBooks, well, I guess it's better than nothing. I was really hoping for a CPU boost to at least 2GHz. Oh well, my only guess is that the PowerBooks will be some of the first Apple products to see the new Intel chipset (12" PowerBook most definately.)

    My Rev B 1.67GHz 15" is a workhorse with 2GB of DDR. I think it'll hold me over until the new products are released.

    Some people have commented no Aperture being a direct assult on Photoshop, which is silly. Perhaps as a preprocessor for RAW images, but not a replacement for Photoshop by any means. They can be used hand-in-hand, but Photoshop will be essential.
  • Swan song for a design family

    The PowerMac swan song is quite impressive - quad processors,
    76 gigaflops of processing power for under $3000? Wow.

    And the PowerBooks I'm certain will also have a new design with
    the first Intel processors.

    They sound like collector's items.... i wonder how many will buy
    them just for their collectible value in 10 or 20 years?

    Yes, I own Apple stock. I suggest you get some, too. I think the
    quad PMac will be a big seller.
  • Tic, get out your credit card, matey.

    You got your PowerBook upgrade.
    • It's a bit underwhelming

      In terms of upgrading speed and such, it's a bit underwhelming,
      but the $500 price break is a big deciding factor. I'll probably
      order one this week, so if your stock price goes up, lift a glass
      toward me.
      tic swayback
      • does this mean now that you'll stop whining?

        jk!! ;-) actully I had some beefs myself about the new imacs but it looks like I'll be getting another one before the years end(bought one earlier this year). the one complaint I had, which some people here had expressed, was that it doesn't have a tv tuner card. oh well it's not a do or die issue.


        gnu/ choice to the neX(11)t generation.
        Arm A. Geddon
        • Not quite!

          I'll be buying it more because I have cash in this year's budget to
          do so, and more for the price drop than any perceived value in the
          new models.

          My 500 Mhz TiBook with 500 Mb of RAM is choking mighty hard
          these days on the latest version of Adobe CS.
          tic swayback
          • true...

            I do remember your complaints and if I'm correct one happened to be you wanting a g5 powerbook. maybe we'll see yet another new model before they switch to intel. :-)

            gnu/ choice to the neX(11)t generation.
            Arm A. Geddon
  • Apple is KING!

    Why can't Hell, Hateway, .... make stuff like this?
    Reverend MacFellow
  • Obsolete before release

    Why would anyone who is not already fully committed to the Power Mac platform buy a new Mac now?

    I was on the verge of buying a G5 because I wanted to make the switch at home when Jobs accounced the coming move to Intel. I tend to keep my PCs for a while, so why on earth would I buy a new Mac on a processor architecture that has already had its abandonment officially timed and announced?

    The new machines are nice, but it'll only be a short while after the Intel release before developers start shipping Intel-Mac only versions of their software, and buyers of these boxes start feeling the pain of buying machines that were already obsolete before release. Here's hoping they get the promised Intel boxes out quick...
  • qyomixa 76 kvq

    mpmisn,pizbskrk02, xzuwc.