Apple buys Lala. Bring on the streaming iTunes

Apple buys Lala. Bring on the streaming iTunes

Summary: Apple has purchased music streaming service Lala according to the New York Times. iTunes cloud, anyone?

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, Mobility

The New York Times is reporting that Apple has purchased music streaming service Lala, a four year old startup from Palo Alto, California. Lala's tagline "all the music your could ever want, playable in a Web browser" pretty much sums up what they do. It's not hard to see Lala re-branded as iTunes streaming, or iTunes cloud, or something along that line.

If Apple introduces its own cloud-based streaming music service, it would let people skip having to download music they buy or synchronize their music collection between their computers and mobile devices.

Web streaming sounds like a good complement to the existing iTunes music portfolio, it's just not the subscription service I was hoping for.

The NYT piece has a lot of good background on Lala and how it has re-invented itself over the years. Here's how the service works today:

Lala scans the hard drives of its users and creates an online music library that matches the user’s collection, making it painless (and free) for people to get their music in the cloud.

TechCrunch has an excellent piece on the inevitable move of iTunes to the cloud.

Is Apple's Lala acquisition a game changer or just another evolutionary step for Apple and iTunes?

Take a stab at a name for the new service in the TalkBack. iCloud?

Update 2009-1208: TechCrunch estimates that Apple paid about $3M (net) for Lala.

Topics: Apple, Hardware, Mobility

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  • I don't understand the interest in subscription....

    To my way of thinking its a rip off.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • No worse than cable or going to the cinema.

      I use napster and listen to literaly thousands of pounds worth of music that would take me years of not longer to pay for otherwise.

      If I had to pay itunes/retail prices on music I would not be able to listen to half of it.
      • Exactly....

        I use the Zune subscription and have been able to load whatever I want for $5 a month and the other $10 I get 10 songs, so not sure what is not to like about that. And you can sync up to 3 devices as well. I know its beause its from Microsoft and he just can't stand it. Poor guy.
  • RE: Apple buys Lala. Bring on the streaming iTunes

    Oh wow another "innovation" bought by Apple, pressed into service and hailed as the schinaz for all music. The media will sing accolades to Apple for their insightful push foward, when all along those in the know have been using this for years!
    What a nonstory.
    • Innovation?

      No one said anything about innovation. It's a story like any other. Comcast buys NBC? Innovation? Whatever. That too, is a story like any other. Can't someone just write about something that happened in case someone's interested? You don't have to pay any attention to it if you don't want to. Why is it necessary to pick a fight about everything that's ever reported on?
  • its like Pandora but not as good as Napster

    Pandora rocks but I don't need a subscription model to use
    it. And Napster is great for songs on the go or listening to
    an exact song. BUT Napster doesn't work on the Mac. So
    exactly where is the innovation with the Lala? Maybe I am on
    the wrong side of the Bell curve. :(
    • Pandora

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