Apple CEO and CFO to discuss Apple's cash balance tomorrow

Apple CEO and CFO to discuss Apple's cash balance tomorrow

Summary: My take is that Apple will announce a dividend for AAPL shareholders on tomorrow's call.


Apple CTO and CFO to discuss Apple's cash balance tomorrow - Jason O'GradyBreaking: Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer will hold a conference call tomorrow to discuss "the Company’s discussions concerning its cash balance."

The press release announcing the conference clearly states that Apple will not be providing an update on the current quarter nor discussing any topics be discussed other than cash.

  • WHERE: Via conference call. The dial-in number for press is (877) 616-0063 (toll-free) or (719) 219-0041. Please enter confirmation code 592016.
  • WHEN: Monday, March 19, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. PDT/9:00 a.m. EDT

Some Wall Street analysts have referred to Apple's $100B+ in liquid assets as a liability and have said that it's time for Apple to return some of the money to shareholders.

My take is that Apple will announce a dividend for shareholders on tomorrow's call.

Image: Nick Bilton/ New York Times

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  • As I posted yesterday, they're likely to do something

    Well done to Cook and Schiller on taking...

    AAPL (545.9b) to just shy of twice the market cap. of MSFT (273.5b) as of Sunday.

    Two MSFT to make 1 AAPL, how the giant has fallen.

    Way to go Steve B.
    Richard Flude
  • What they should do...

    What they should do is give the Chinese workers a bonus and then look at Dividends.
    • Don't louse up the other guy's country

      The Space Aliens should come down and give all the workers at Cessna -- and only Cessna -- more money than anyone else in the United States makes.

      Why should the people who happen to work at Cessna receive such largesse? Because you said so. You're trying to make things better. It's just that you don't really understand how to do that.
      Robert Hahn
  • I hope not.... It's been working so well so far why change a good thing?

    Besides I don't need the money:P

    As for the Chinese workers I find the latest story about the so called reporter who visited Foxconn and later told the horrors he was supposed to have found and has been making the rounds with his tail turns out he was lying about it. Truth!

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • No surprise they aren't up to speed

      So desperate are they to believe any story mocking their gods' competition (MS, AGW, Obama, etc)

      "On Friday the public-radio program This American Life retracted a segment that it broadcast in January about Mr. Daiseys show, which exposed unsavory practices at the Foxconn factories in China where Apple products are made. The theatrical version has been a hit at the Public Theater, returning for another engagement that ended on Sunday after a largely sold-out run in the fall. (The monologue is to run at the Woolly Mammoth theater in Washington this summer.) After broadcasting the segment, the producers of This American Life had been alerted by Rob Schmitz, a reporter for another public-radio program, Marketplace, that some of the first-person testimony presented by Mr. Daisey in the radio version of the show was dubious."

      There's plenty more;-)
      Richard Flude
  • Could Also Be

    A stock split.

    The really crazy thing is they could give 50 billion in dividends and still have a stunning cash on hand number of 50 billion.
  • Interesting...

    Their stock price is gonna take a dive if they don't declare a dividend -
  • Let me get this straight...

    A brilliant company has 100 billion in cash and it cant acquire companies to create new products or new cash flows? LOL....

    Apple is out of good ideas....
    • They can't do that!

      Let's be real: if Apple went on a spending spree, every Windows or Android fan would just use it as more evidence that Apple can't innovate anything and has to buy all its ideas. (Nevermind that that's pretty much what happens everywhere -- sometimes it's just called "hiring", though.)

      Seriously, though ... Apple probably has to pay out some kind of dividend, but it won't be ginormous, b/c most of its money is overseas and it'll have to pay huge penalties for bringing it back into the country. At least, that's my (very) limited view on the situation. I'd love to be able to speak from personal experience about it, though, so if anyone wants to give me a few billion with which to conduct experiments ......
  • Buy back the company

    Apple could buy it's shares back. It should not start paying dividend. It would become a company like all others with only short term goals. The reason that Anglo American companies will soon be wiped of the map is just because they have the shareholders interest and not the customer interest in mind.