Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

Summary: Wow, that was quick. MobileMe's status page is no longer going to be updated.

TOPICS: Apple, Browser

Apple discontinues MobileMe status blogWow, that was quick. MobileMe's status page is no longer going to be updated.

Promising to "write a posting every other day or so to let everyone know what’s happening with MobileMe" the blog-like page started out strong, with three posts in July.

Then it went dark with Monday's "Final Post" stating "this will be the last MobileMe Status posting." The final blog post refers readers to Apple's MobileMe Support and MobileMe News pages.

Why did Apple punt on one of their first honest attempt at a corporate blog? It's a shame. Tidbits has an excellent piece comparing Apple's act of contrition with Google's.

Topics: Apple, Browser

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  • Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

    How embarrassing. Apple has had nothing but egg on its face over the last few months. One could even start to compare them to Google pretty soon.
    Loverock Davidson
  • and STILL

    and STILL mobile me is only intermittently pushing my calendar events to my iphone and vice versa!
  • Another attempt to drive customer satisfaction up

    Pun intended.
  • Status is still getting updated ...

    ... on the support page. There is a current status indicator and a link to status history. So, you're not getting less information. Who cares if it's through a blog or a support page?
  • RE: Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

    It is worth noting that they are adding another two free
    months to people's subscriptions, however.
    Rod Hagen
    • Oh great, another 2 months of malfunction

      I'm so happy I could... well never mind.
      I just want a refund. Apple refuses to respond to that.
  • RE: Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

    Stupid iFanboi comment, any minute now...
  • RE: Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

    I've got mixed feelings about the change. First I am one of
    the ones who complained that the news should be inside,
    but I also said that it should be the first page and that
    MobileMe should not be mail centric. I liked the initial
    screen of .Mac. So for the most part, that the news is
    "internal" (meaning you see it after you login) rather than
    external, that is part of what I wanted. I liked seeing how
    many unread mails I had before I launched mail. I don't
    keep much in my inbox, it either gets filed or deleted, so
    "unread" mails were/are actually new mails.

    On the other hand, for people who aren't sure if they
    should or should not get MobileMe, they are now missing
    the progress (or lack thereof) what Apple is doing to/about
    MobileMe. It's just gone. If/when they truly get all initial
    problems fixed, it might be a good thing to let everyone
    know it is working and may get more members (and for
    Apple, more money). Sorry, but yes, I consider this a bad

    Ok, I'll feel less guilty of urging my friends to join .Mac.
    Particularly the guys that I got to switch from Wintel to
    Mac, because three of us started (we were all longtime Mac
    users, from the days of OS 5) it and we each got 5 people
    to switch and it sort of snowballed from there.